Is this a proper budgie cage set up?

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She had definitely been out for a while because she slept and ate a lot the first couple of days and then continued to get more and more ornery requiring a wing trim so she would not slam into the windows.


Is also a possibility that they could get swept away by strong wind current and then land in a much friendlier environment.


Here in Chicago we have flocks of monk PARAKEETS that are able to survive the most brutal of Chicago winters.

quakers nest chile blog Is this a proper budgie cage set up?

If these are birds you are seeking to get rid of it would be best to rehome them.


There are many outstanding rescues in the New York area would be more than happy to take in a pair of budgies.


They are exceptional pet birds we have six of them now. (oops as of 11/1/2018 we have 9 now)


Best of luck


Vet gave him mite shot. Today he is lethargic


Budgie’s cere went from blue to brown, he started ripping out feathers, vet gave him mite shot.


Today he is lethargic.


What could be wrong?


re: Your vet could not have been more stupid.


Mites can actually be found both externally and internally in pet birds.


They suck blood from your bird possibly resulting in anemia.


If you think it’s an external problem simply leave a white piece of paper at the bottom of the bird’s cage overnight.


Or hold the paper under the bird perch and rap on it hard to see if the red mites fall out onto the paper.


If you wake up in the morning and see mites on the white paper with the naked eye, bring a sample of them to your vet along with the bird.


Internal mites are known as “air sac mites” and must be treated orally or by injection so this vet knew something you didn’t or was acting on the side of caution.


Besides injections, might defense comes in powders, sprays and oral medications.


Female budgies have Brown ceres, male budgies have blue ones


Mites are EXTREMELY RARE to be found on parrots in captivity.


While aviary birds and birds such as finches and canaries are more susceptible to mites, indoor parrots almost never have issues with mites.


Actually mites are more prevalent than you would think for indoor captive birds.


We know this because we get phone calls and emails on a regular basis requesting mite (ant/mosquito/bee/wasp) solutions.


Full transparency for the past 15 years I have operated one of the largest sites on the Internet specifically for captive bird care.


We’ve learned a lot traveling with our birds to a 300 acre campground on most weekends over those same 15 years.


I write about what I know to be true and accurate.


If if it’s anecdotal, I will state that.


Interestingly enough birds like common house Finches in Mexico City will line their nests with used cigarette butts.


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