Why Is My Cockatiel Pulling Feathers From Under His Wings

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Put the timer back on 12 hours on and 12 hours off and keep it that way, always.


This will improve your birds health and extend her life.


You can find all bulbs and lighting options we offer here.




I hope this helps.


Our cockatiels feet were frostbitten


We found a cockatiel a year ago.


He had been outside for some time when we found him and took him to the vet.


We nursed him to health but his feet were frost bitten and he lost most both feet.


Has one toe.


He gets around good with his beak.


We can’t find good toys for him or good perches because he can’t hold on with is feet.


Please help Barnie.


He is precious to us.

Lisa R.


Good for you Lisa

​How about a pair of crutches?


unnamed Why Is My Cockatiel Pulling Feathers From Under His Wings

Just kidding – I photo-shopped that of course.


​Perches and toys should be at the bottom third of a conventional bird cage to reduce the need for climbing you may even want to consider a much shorter cage.


Because the bird has no way to to grip, all your perches should be flat or well textured.


That said you can still stagger them and perhaps laying a round perch over a flat perch so the bird’s beak has something to grab when it’s pulling itself up.


Here’s some flat perch suggestions


And here’s an alternate cage


best of luck




I have a Cockatiel, she lives in the bird room, the temperature is 72-73 degrees.


She has a thermo perch. I want to bring her out to the living room when I am home to spend more time with me.


The temperature in the living room is about 67 degrees. To keep her warm and happy, which would you recommend Thermo Perch, a heater. Snuggle up, or Infrared Heat Bulb?


Dear Barbara


Will the cockatiel be out of a cage or inside?


I am assuming you have a small cage for her that you will place near you for her to sit in?


If so, the bulb is out. They are best in large aviaries.


Either the small Snuggle Up panel or the Small Thermo Perch would work.


However, the Small Thermo perch is good, but if you don’t have room in the small cage for a second perch then you should pass on the Thermo Perch.


The Small Snuggle Up Panel would be the best option then so she can move closer or further as desired and you don’t have to clog up the small cage with additional perches.


Thank you


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