Cream Cheese, Rescue Budgie Number 10 In Our Flock

Cream cheese yello rescue budgie sleeping on branch
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This has become a helluva slippery slope.


0 to 10 budgies in 25 months.


They are in this big beautiful Prevue F050 aviary.


They’ve created their own micro culture.

Why did we name her Cream Cheese?


She’s now part of our breakfast club


Bacon – Eggs – Toast – Jam – Biscuit
Gravy – Chicken – Waffles – Bagel
Cream Cheese


The moment their full-spectrum lights come on they are active, planning, conniving, active and seem to be very happy.


I call them my talking flowers.


Their voices get overshadowed by rapid wing flapping as they crisscross soft rope and the triple branched Manzanita perches.

cream cheese rescue budgie on branch Cream Cheese, Rescue Budgie Number 10 In Our Flock

We re-created a wonderful budgie-centric environment for them.


The aviary can comfortably handle even more but our philosophy has been to allow birds to find us which has worked well so far.


Last Thursday I saw a post an a useful social media portal (rare).


Some folks in the neighborhood had found a small yellow and green budgie while admitting they were not prepared to keep it is a pet (thank you very much).


I responded that we would be happy to offer a new home and posted an image of our aviary with nine very upbeat budgies.


On Friday Matthew, messaged me that nobody claimed the bird and if I would like her I could come and get her.


They were about four blocks from us.


We did the two-way Dick Tracy conversation thing which resulted in me heading over to his place with a travel cage and a large flannel baby blanket.


We have a nice flannel baby blanket inventory (thank you Goodwill) since seeing our flock blossom.


Matthew met me at the front gate with two small guard dogs announcing my arrival to the household and the neighborhood.


He wrestled the dogs inside and I followed walking into the kitchen finding Cream Cheese (a name long predetermined prior to this event) patiently sitting on the perch in a small dog carrier with food and water.


It took me a couple minutes to grab the lovely little yellow keet and move her from a small dog crate into the travel cage I brought.


I said my goodbyes to Matthew and his lovely wife.


Upon arrival at home (20 minute round trip tops – (beat going to Columbus) I placed the travel cage on the kitchen counter.


Catherine easily grabbed the little bird and walked her into the living room where the large aviary resides.


Cream Cheese is small much like Bagel, our last rescue.


She flew to a high Manzanita perch and you could see she was exhausted.


Her eyes kept closing.


I knew she was probably hungry.

cream cheese rescue budgie in front of tweaky clean feeder Cream Cheese, Rescue Budgie Number 10 In Our Flock

My suspicions were soon confirmed.


She hopped into one of the Tweaky Clean feeders (monkey see monkey do) scooping up seed in her beak faster than a desert island rescue survivor eating her first meal in weeks.


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