Eclectus Parrot Elongated Digestive Tract – Fact Or Fiction?

the male bright green and female red and blue eclectus parrots are next to each other
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Here’s an earlier eclectus parrot feeding question from our database:

I’ve read different articles on how much fruit to give my ekkies.

Some say it is ok to give them as much as they eat and others say the veggies should be their top priority.

I do try to give them an equal amount but it seems they have gotten picky about their vegetables lately.

I have been giving them different varieties and mixing up how I serve them – warm, cool, different spices on them but they still prefer the fruit.

I also have their pellet bowl kept full.

I have read different opinions on this also as they may be getting too many nutrients and vitamins if they eat too many pellets.


Any info you can give me on the matter would be greatly appreciated.


They are 6 months old-brothers.

One weighs in at 366g while the other one weighs in at 327g.


I have read that this is really quite light for male ekkies to weigh but they have held steady at this weight since about two and a half months old.


(a Windy City Parrot customer)


I have had no health issues with them and they interact very well with the family.

Not even the dogs incessant barking at people walking down the street seem to bother them.

So they seem well adapted to the crazy life in the household which includes 2 dogs, 1 cat, 2 cags, 2 half moon conures and 2 parakeets.

They do eat. I’m just worried that they are not getting the right percentages.


And a typical mitchr answer (before interacting recently with Laurie Hess DVM of Zupreem)


Hi Tanya

Although the digestive tract in most parrots is similar, Eclectus parrots are unique in that theirs is longer.

The issue becomes vitamins remaining in the tract too long eventually becoming toxic.

If your bird is eating the correct pellet they really need no other supplements including fruit nor veggies – but that’s no fun.

We advocate up to 30% fruits and veggies for well rounded meals and keeping it interesting for the bird(s).

Because additional vitamins are bad for Ekkies we recommend Goldn’obles from Goldenfeast as they are 100% natural human grade with zero supplements.

To break up the monotony you may like this seed diet especially for Eclectus from Volkman.


Let’s start with “Some say it is ok to give them as much as they can eat and others say the veggies should be their top priority”.


In the wild birds are scavengers and will eat anything thus there’s really no need to put an emphasis on any one variety of food.


If you’re eating an apple them give them a piece apple if you made a salad give them some of the salad.

Peaches our Senegal does not like dressing – the pellets will take care of the nutritional needs.

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