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Zinc and Parrots

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Zinc and Parrots:

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Fern Van Sant, DVM

For the Birds

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Reprinted from the Proceedings of the International Aviculturists Society, January , 1997

Zinc Trivia

The element zinc is a naturally occurring metal widely distributed in nature. The atomic number of zinc is 30. It has an atomic weight of 65.37. Zinc is included in group 2B in the periodic chart. Zinc is a good reducing agent.

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How Windy City Parrot Looks At Our Bird’s Holistically

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Pet food manufacturers as well as Internet “influencers” somehow associate the word “holistic” with “healthy” which indicates (to me) they clearly never read the definition of “holistic“.

ho·lis·tic – adjective

PHILOSOPHY – characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

Thus from this point forward, you will go forth and snigger the next time some one tries to sell you holistic anything.

When you interact with us,

whether it be here, on our website, social media, email or any other form of communication, we try to introduce you to holistic bird health as a way of succeeding with captive bird care – meaning: 

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My birds don’t diminish my air quality – doc.

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Water Wind & Stars replied  – Oct 4, 10:12pm

After writing my first message I took a big pile of towels and curtains from the bathroom where my birds’ cage had been located and carried them to the basement to wash the bird dander out; the pile was big enough to cover my nose and mouth.

Not more than 5 minutes after I came back upstairs, I started to cough in the breathless, slightly spasming way that has been the main symptom of my lung issue.

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At Last, The Secret To Keeping Food And Cage Accessories Free Of Bird Poop Is Revealed

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From Marla S.

Hi,  Your toys, treats and perch set up is nice.  Not over crowded and laid out nicely.  One comment though.

As a Lovebird Mom for over nine years now it baffles me to this day to see other bird parents place their bird’s open food and water dishes on the cage floor!  

This is in the direct path of the bird’s poop!  Would you place your human’s child’s food and water dishes in the bottom of the toilet?  No.

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Will controlling his hormones stop this blue front amazon from regurgitating seasonally?

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Dear Mitch, Catherine, and associates,

First thank you for the opportunity to contact you about my parrot, who’s a BF Amazon, named “Dollar.” I wish to add, I adopted him at 6 yrs old, and he wouldn’t let me call him any other name than what it had been.

So, he’s a fabulously happy birdie, but several years in a row around this time of year, he begins to regurgitate and swallow, over and over again. He holds the top of a bell and raises and lowers his head like an oil well, only really fast.
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Does UV Light Really Help Produce Vitamin D3 in Birds?

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Have you ever wished you could see the additional ultraviolet light spectrum that birds can?


I’ve been a strong proponent of using light cycles to interrupt the circadian rhythms of our pet birds 


I’m also fully convinced that no amount of artificial lighting over birdcage will help a bird produce vitamin D3 regardless of the lumens, quality of the ultraviolet spectrum emitted or the distance from the light source to the cage 


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How to bathe your bird?

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Our website has a number of different products they can enhance the look of feathers on any bird. At the end of the day it’s best to ensure that your birds are bathed on a regular basis and allow them to preen their feathers part of any bird’s routine.

In spite of my esteemed associate Mr Klugman (from Quora) endorsing a Deionized Water commercial spray – I’m going to advocate you not even bring the stuff into the house.
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