When Environmental Accidents Stress A Pet Bird To The Breaking Point

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A couple of weeks ago we talked about “You Are Sick With No Caique Caregiver – Now What?

In this follow up thread we learn that “yes, it can always be worse.”

Hello Catherine,

I had written to you several weeks ago pertaining to the safety of microwaveable popcorn.

Two weeks ago, this coming Monday, I had kidney surgery and returned to my apartment door being busted into (door locks forcibly opened). 

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Why Birds Should Fear Humans Not Feral Cats

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For those of you new to the discussion I recently reposted an evergreen article about the effect of feral cats on earth’s bird population.


This is a question from one of our nearest and dearest customers along with my response.


Hi Mitch. You know me. 


I’m a long-time customer of your store and will continue to be as long as the three of us are still alive on this earth. 


So it is with respect and affection that I tell you that it is irresponsible of you to deny that feral cats are harming wild birds. 

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Should I Give My Pet Bird A Mirror Or Not

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The original question came from Quora

Is it okay if a bird sees the reflection of her cage in a mirror from a little distance? Does this make the same effect of a mirror inside of the cage?


One of the answers read: “Larger birds such as parrots have no trouble telling that their reflection is not another bird. For smaller birds, the mirror would probably need to be in the cage so that the bird could actually play with its reflection.”


but the answer makes no sense.

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Do Dowel Perches Harm Budgies Feet – Avian Diabetes – Shoes – Avocados

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Notably absent from the prior answers (on Quora) are the words “and I inspect my bird’s feet by flipping him over and examining his feet under a magnifying glass on a regular basis.”


As a vendor of bird cages and accessories for over 25 years, we advise people to take the dowel rod perches out of the cage immediately upon assembly.


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4 Essential Quaker Parrot Questions Answered

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Quaker parrots a.k.a. monk parakeets are unique little birds.


Feathered factoid – Quakers are the only parrot that builds a nest.


Not just any nest – a condominium nest.


Quaker parakeets nests are so large that they accommodate dozens of birds who share body warmth enabling them to endure the harshness of winters in Chicago and other major cities around the country.

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More CBD For Pet Birds – Mythbusting

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Although I firmly believe that correlation does not necessarily imply causation I’m very concerned with the fact that 60% of pet birds die of malnutrition according to necropsies (animal autopsies) performed by veterinarians.

I can’t help feel the explosion of feeding “chop” to pet birds has fueled that statistic.

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What Our Readers Think About Pet Birds And CBD Oil

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These comments are in response to last weeks post CBD Oil – Miracle Cure For Birds Or Just The New Snake Oil


From Taryn Palo


Regarding CBD oil.


My avian vet sells it. 


He’s taken care of my Umbrella cockatoo for 23 years now so I pretty much trust him. 

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What Are The Right Human And Commercial Foods For My Pet Bird

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Shouldn’t we learn how to find the right foods for our pet birds?


Feathered factoid: as much as 30% of a bird’s calories are used in the production and maintenance of feathers.


Editor’s note: We don’t know what bird food your bird will like any more than what you like on Netflix.


“Transparent”, “Scandal” or “The Walking Dead,” shows are both loved and reviled.


We do know that instinctively your bird has a desire to “search” or “forage” for food seven days a week.

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