How Caged Bird Keepers Get The Lighting Thing Wrong

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The quality of light has little use for a captive bird.


It’s the light cycle that means everything.


Is lighting necessary to house parrots properly?


Are there any specific requirements with the lighting?

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Popcorn Our Albino Cockatiel – Videos

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Popcorn crossed the rainbow bridge in the summer of 2015 after a courageous battle with cancer

Popcorn’s Blue Plate Bath Special

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A Better Bird Video Series For Training Birds And Their Humans

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Just as the name implies, this is a series of quick and easy ways to help your The birds stay happy and healthy around-the-clock.

This is a series of short but incisive ideas you can apply today bringing you closer to bird care nirvana.

The number of things necessary to provide foraging in Richmond for your birds can be found in the series of quick and simple ideas.

Don’t sell your birds short and be prepared to experiment until you find the right formula that provides happiness to those feathered creatures you keep in cages within your home.

A Better Bird – Ep 1
Showing Trust Through Flight To Me

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How To Set-up A Handicapped Galah Parrot Cage

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Galah parrot aka rose breasted cockatoo.


I have a young Galah who is missing her toes on one foot.


She was three weeks old when she developed constricted toe and has the amputation, so she really has no idea that she’s handicapped.


She’s a little over two years old now. (1st April 2016)

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Is It Better To Clip Your Parrot’s Wings Or Not?

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Why is humankind so focused on lopping off body parts?

We “bob” dog’s ears and tails.

We castrate bulls.

We lop off the foreskin of infant males.

And now we wanna chop off the wings of animals that have been flying for 99 million years.

“Earn the right to fly”? Preposterous.

Flight is what birds are all about.

Flight was granted to birds long before, way long before humans could cook food with fire.


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Would CBD Oil Help A One Eyed African Grey?

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Name: Inna M


We have a 7 year old African grey.

Unfortunately we made a mistake and did not train him properly.

We are having problems with his behavior.

He attacks.

He bites.

He is angry.

He only obeys one person in the house.

Is it too late to train him? Who can we turn to?

Thank you.

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60 Nasty Household Hazards Birds Shouldn’t Be Around

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I hope the post on the Ultimate Bird DIY First Aid Kit will become part of your avian reference library.

We’re going to break down the first aid thing into several manageable parts.

Before we do here’s a pop quiz: What was the cashier at Walgreens thinking when I bought Pedialyte, saline, eyewash, plastic gloves & a tube of KY Jelly? (for the birdy first aid kit?)


We designed the ultimate bird first aid kit for a broad range of species, so you don’t need everything in it.

As an example you really need a needle nose pliers to pull of blood feather from a blue and gold macaw, but only a strong tweezers for smaller bird like a parakeet.

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12 YouTubers For Parrot Lovers You Need To Know

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At first I thought to myself “this’ll be fun.”


Once I started the project it was a bit more difficult than I forecasted.


I originally started with 9 YouTube channels but some favorites needed to be included not simply based upon numbers.


For those who are not following on us Facebook or our YouTube channel, you’ll note that we are ramping up our use of Fid-eo to better communicate caged bird care.


Our goal is not to replicate what was being said but to bring more valuable information to the conversation.


I get alerted to every new fid-eo about pet bird care from the list of experts I’m going to be exploring with you shortly.


I’ve curated a list of what I subjectively feel are the 12 top YouTube channels to watch for captive bird care.

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