What Are Some Tips for Keeping a Parrot?

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I wear many hats at Windy City Parrot.


About 30% of my week I wear my CMO hat which means Chief Marketing Officer.


In keeping well-versed in marketing I read a huge amount of content.


One recurring theme I see is this is the way I should be marketing to millennial’s.

The perfect way to market to millennial’s is……..

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How Do I Stop My African Grey From Guarding His Cage Door?

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I would like to know how I can get my male Timneh not to be too territorial around his cage cause he’s a real sweetheart and a mush when he’s not guarding his cage door.


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Do Pet Birds Cause Brain Paralysis?

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I want to buy a budgie, but my mom says that they are birds that can cause “brain paralysis”.


We live in Canada, so I’m pretty sure they’re careful about things like that.


Anyhow, could it be true?


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Can I Use Oils And Candles Near My Pet Birds?

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Denise asks

I have an amazon and a hahns mccaw.


Can you please tell me what oils are safe to use once in a while in my diffusers?


I have used scentsy , and also bath and body works candles not a lot of use at all as the scents sort of even bother me!


thank you appreciate it.


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How Effective Are Flat Perches For African Grey’s?

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I just sent a response to my recent order for 5 more flat perches to be put into my African Grey’s cage. 


He was sold to me without toenails, and when I questioned the store owner, he told me “they’d grow back” which they never have. 


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Can A Macaw Parrot Get Cataracts?

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Can you do anything for this?


I have a Catalina macaw she is 30.


Her right eye seems to be not as clear as her left. It’s like a very lite graying.


Sometimes she bumps into things.


Her diet consists of seeds and pellets she also gets prime vitamins in her water


Also a little treat from our dinner plates at night.



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4 Essential Quaker Parrot Questions Answered

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Quaker parrots a.k.a. monk parakeets are unique little birds.


Feathered factoid – Quakers are the only parrot that builds a nest.


Not just any nest – a condominium nest.


Quaker parakeets nests are so large that they accommodate dozens of birds who share body warmth enabling them to endure the harshness of winters in Chicago and other major cities around the country.

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