Do You Think That Birds Are Unhappy in a Bird Cage?

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The problem with Quora is that anecdotal answers are opinions, not answers.


Another problem with answering this question is where would we find benchmarks for bird happiness?


I know when my ringneck is happy eating because he talks to his food.

If anyone walks into a room where he was alone for more than 2 minutes he will insist on “conversation: with him doing most of the talking.


But communicating his happiness or displeasure about any of his birdcages (he has 4), is something still opaque to me.


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Do Pet Birds Cause Brain Paralysis?

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I want to buy a budgie, but my mom says that they are birds that can cause “brain paralysis”.


We live in Canada, so I’m pretty sure they’re careful about things like that.


Anyhow, could it be true?


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Does Anyone Out There Clean Their Perches With Peroxide?

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Lee asks

Hi Windy City,


Does anyone out there clean their perches with peroxide?


Is it safe?


I’ve tried various surface cleaning methods followed by baking. 


Most recently, after cleaning off loose debris, I soaked in bleach water, then steamed with a brush attachment.


During a cold spell, so I did this indoors.

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Why Does My Birds Behavior Change In Spring?

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It’s spring, which means some of you may have noticed your bird’s behavior has begun to change a bit which may mean, your bird’s hormonal cycle has begun to change.

You can expect many changes but above all expect the unexpected.

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How Do I Stop My Bird From Laying Eggs?

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It’s important to review egg laying problems on a regular basis.


The discussion below will focus on single egg-laying instances and prolific egg-laying.


Other aspects of egg-laying encompass egg binding.


This is when the egg doesn’t make it out of the oviduct, the area between the uterus and cloaca on its own.


Another problem is when eggs are laid internally.

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The Differences Between Finches And Canaries

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The zebra finch and canary are the most popular birds kept by pet owners, after budgies and cockatiels. They both also have a long history in captivity, as does the society finch. Let’s take a look at how these birds are alike and how they differ.




If you’re considering adding a finch or a canary to your family, you might be surprised to find that a canary is a finch. So you are only choosing among finches, really. Zebra finches, society finches, also called Bengalese finches, and canaries actually have a lot in common.

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What Are The Right Human And Commercial Foods For My Pet Bird

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Shouldn’t we learn how to find the right foods for our pet birds?


Feathered factoid: as much as 30% of a bird’s calories are used in the production and maintenance of feathers.


Editor’s note: We don’t know what bird food your bird will like any more than what you like on Netflix.


“Transparent”, “Scandal” or “The Walking Dead,” shows are both loved and reviled.


We do know that instinctively your bird has a desire to “search” or “forage” for food seven days a week.

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