Have You Ever Made Your Own Pet Bird Seed/food Mixture?

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This is a Quora question stated in full


As a bird owner, have you ever made your own seed/food mixture instead of buying store-made mixes? What type of seeds, nuts, dried herbs/veggies/fruits have you added and what type of bird do you own?


My shy retiring answer – Absolutely not!


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What Are Some Tips for Keeping a Parrot?

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I wear many hats at Windy City Parrot.


About 30% of my week I wear my CMO hat which means Chief Marketing Officer.


In keeping well-versed in marketing I read a huge amount of content.


One recurring theme I see is this is the way I should be marketing to millennial’s.

The perfect way to market to millennial’s is……..

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Where Do I Find Off-hour Emergency Veterinary Care? (and much more)

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A while back I wrote about 

Help! My Bird’s Egg Bound but the Vet Won’t be In Until Tomorrow.


I was talking on the phone to Dr. Byron de la Navarre recently about avian vitamin D3 testing (under wraps during research) when we got off-track for a moment and began a conversation about veterinary emergency care for birds.


So your task for today after you’re done with brunch is to find a local emergency care veterinary facility (if you have on in your area), make a note and put it on the refrigerator


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Why I Think My Birds Are Happy

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Lynn H writes


Hi. First of all, thank you much for all of your valuable information.


It is greatly appreciated.


RE: Do You Think That Birds Are Unhappy in a Bird Cage?


I have had a total of three birds: a cockatiel, a quaker parakeet and a Senegal parrot since 1990.


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Do Pet Birds Cause Brain Paralysis?

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I want to buy a budgie, but my mom says that they are birds that can cause “brain paralysis”.


We live in Canada, so I’m pretty sure they’re careful about things like that.


Anyhow, could it be true?


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What Do I Do With 2 Parakeets I Received as a Present?

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Lori asks


I received 2 parakeets as a present and everything for them.


I found out one is male and the other is female. 


How would I know if the female is pregnant? 


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