Why I Think My Birds Are Happy

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Lynn H writes


Hi. First of all, thank you much for all of your valuable information.


It is greatly appreciated.


RE: Do You Think That Birds Are Unhappy in a Bird Cage?


I have had a total of three birds: a cockatiel, a quaker parakeet and a Senegal parrot since 1990.


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What Sacrifices Do We Make To Rescue Pet Birds?

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S***h writes


Dear Mitch, I was glad that you put that sick animal abuser in his or her place when you responded to the “Duct taped Cockatoo” post.


I once rescued a poor blue and gold that was up in a tree for three days.


Its owner was absent and I believe that she was mentally ill, but that’s no excuse for the perch that I found on the apartment property that had lots of duct tape where the parrot perched and the amount of neglect that I saw that the poor Macaw had been through.


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How Do I Care For A Hyacinth Macaw And Other Macaw Species Advice

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“The only thing a Hyacinth macaw needs is an adult tricycle”

A big shout out to Carl Bryant mentioning Windy City Parrot where the sun never sets empire and our avian centric Birdie Brunch served every Sunday morning at 7 AM wherever you are on the planet in answer 2 of the Quora question How Do I Care For A Hyacinth Macaw?


Let’s continue to answer one.


“If you don’t know anything about parrots. for God’s sake do not get a Hyacinth Macaw!”

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Does Styptic Powder On Blood Feathers Hurt My Bird?

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Sarah writes:

Hi Mitch,


I’m a 25-year parrot rescue and parrot care specialist. 


In reading your blog about “Should a blind person care for a parrot,”. 


I was reading the blind woman’s response and her description about putting styptic powder on a blood feather. 

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Should Blind People Keep Pet Birds

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This might be an interesting topic for a Birdie Brunch! 


Hello, I’m Laurie Cannon, who wrote to you about the possibility of adopting an older Green-Winged Macaw. 


We didn’t do that, however, we did contact a breeder about a Panama Amazon baby. 


She seemed almost horrified when she found out both my husband and I are totally blind. 

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How We Were Evacuated In A Raft With Our Eclectus Parrot

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male (green) eclectus parrot
regurgitating into female (red) eclectus parrots beak


Jerri M. asks

We live in NC and as you are probably aware, Hurricane Matthew has created some problems.


We were evacuated in a raft, with our Eclectus Parrot.


Since we have returned home, she is acting stressed and exhibiting behaviors that I have not witnessed before this.

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How Mackie An Abandoned Goffins Cockatoo Found Joy

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Goffin’s Cockatoo aka Tanimbar cackatoo,
Goffin’s Cockatoo, Tanimbar Corella.

Sunday after Sunday after Sunday I read your incredibly knowledgeable and helpful newsletter

I always learn.

I appreciate so much the time you take to share your wisdom and experiences.

I am a dog person, but for the last 3 years I have had in my home a 10-12-year-old Cockatoo – forgotten about by her owner’s family when the owner committed suicide.

She was located at her grooming salon.

When I walked in and found her, she had been alone close to 3 weeks. She had a tiny bit of very polluted water, 3 or 4 seeds, (literally!), and had been shut in a too small cage all that time.

Additionally, the back door was standing open so the cats who stayed at the grooming salon could go in and out.

The weather was in the ’40s and ’50s.

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My Budgies Beak Broke Off – Can I Fix It?

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Stevie Van Zandt requested your answer

I have a rescue budgie, the top of his beak was almost totally gone, just barely hanging.


We have NO vet in my area and nobody specializes in birds.


I removed what was hanging and she seems ok, I made a “mush” for her to eat. Will the beak grow back?


Your bird’s beak may or may not grow back.

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