Parrot Rescue by Rodney Foster

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I would like to use this article to encourage people on the importance of researching all the information they can get to include reading, visiting zoo’s, and even try and find someone that has an Exotic pet they are thinking of getting.

In the last few years, exotic pets have been taking a rise in popularity, But at the same time, exotic pet deaths and abuse are high also because exotic animals do not do well in our daily lifestyle and for the lack of people being informed of what they are getting into before buying an exotic pet.

People tend to buy these animal’s on a whim and after they spend from a hundred to thousands of dollars to get them home thinking they will be like their dog or cat and are suddenly exposed to a sudden shock that the pet they just bought is not what they thought it was or would be or that it does not interrelate with them as they thought it would because they saw it on television interrelating with people.

People do not realize or do not understand the many many hours of work it takes to get some exotic pets to interact with humans.

Then it comes to the point of what happens to you when your pet gets mad and bites you.

I know I have been bitten from iguana’s, parrot’s, dogs and cats.

None of these are pleasant when it happens.

People do not think that some times they have are a bad day or they just do not want to be messed with.

In our home in the evening time, our Blue and Gold McCaw will start to bite you when he is tired.

We have an Umbrella Cockatoo that will holler loud when he is tired before his regular bedtime. Every animal has it’s own personality and we have to learn each one we have.

Dealing with any animal is something you have to work on and working with Exotic’s is even harder because of all their special needs and constant overseeing.

I encourage everyone to research everything you can before getting that special pet that you think might want, or if your child says it is just a

(lizard – spider – snake – bird) I can take care of it, or that parrot that might live to an age of 80 years old and outlive you.

If you would like to ask me anything further please feel free to e-mail me at and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you for taking time to read this article.

About the Author

Born in 1957, I Graduated from Waycross High school in 1976.

After graduation I served in the Army from 1976-1982.

From 1982 to 1998 I drove a truck, Which I did because I loved to travel and I did this until I received an injury on the job which made me totally disabled.

From 1998 till the present time I have gone on to receive a A.A. Degree in Biblical Studies which I received in 2002.

Since then I spend my time working with my church The Eagles Nest Ministry’s.

What Kind of Bird Should I Get at 60?

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Darla S asks:


Can you suggest a few medium-sized parrot species for a 1st-time owner about to turn 60y?


I am interested in moderation (moderate affection, playfulness, independence, friendliness, and noise) ability to talk would be a plus.


I still work full time, and live alone in my own house.


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How Did Another Rescue Bird Find Us?

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We just rescued another bird and I drove 794 miles less than I did for the last one.


Of our bird-related calls, most are people seeking to acquire a “new bird”.


We will always refer them to the closest bird rescue in their area.


Yesterday (2/11/20) we got a call from a woman in Cedar Lake about 6 miles from our new place in Lowell.


(Talk about a bird rescue near me)


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Why I Think My Birds Are Happy

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Lynn H writes


Hi. First of all, thank you much for all of your valuable information.


It is greatly appreciated.


RE: Do You Think That Birds Are Unhappy in a Bird Cage?


I have had a total of three birds: a cockatiel, a quaker parakeet and a Senegal parrot since 1990.


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What Sacrifices Do We Make To Rescue Pet Birds?

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S***h writes


Dear Mitch, I was glad that you put that sick animal abuser in his or her place when you responded to the “Duct taped Cockatoo” post.


I once rescued a poor blue and gold that was up in a tree for three days.


Its owner was absent and I believe that she was mentally ill, but that’s no excuse for the perch that I found on the apartment property that had lots of duct tape where the parrot perched and the amount of neglect that I saw that the poor Macaw had been through.


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How Do I Care For A Hyacinth Macaw And Other Macaw Species Advice

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“The only thing a Hyacinth macaw needs is an adult tricycle”

A big shout out to Carl Bryant mentioning Windy City Parrot where the sun never sets empire and our avian centric Birdie Brunch served every Sunday morning at 7 AM wherever you are on the planet in answer 2 of the Quora question How Do I Care For A Hyacinth Macaw?


Let’s continue to answer one.


“If you don’t know anything about parrots. for God’s sake do not get a Hyacinth Macaw!”

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Does Styptic Powder On Blood Feathers Hurt My Bird?

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Sarah writes:

Hi Mitch,


I’m a 25-year parrot rescue and parrot care specialist. 


In reading your blog about “Should a blind person care for a parrot,”. 


I was reading the blind woman’s response and her description about putting styptic powder on a blood feather. 

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Should Blind People Keep Pet Birds

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This might be an interesting topic for a Birdie Brunch! 


Hello, I’m Laurie Cannon, who wrote to you about the possibility of adopting an older Green-Winged Macaw. 


We didn’t do that, however, we did contact a breeder about a Panama Amazon baby. 


She seemed almost horrified when she found out both my husband and I are totally blind. 

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