Indian Ringneck Love Brings Ringneck Problems

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Indian ringneck’s are marvelous birds and I’ve had the great fortune to live with the species and two different households.

They’re not big birds they way an average of 115 g about the body size of a Senegal or a fat cockatiel but the long tail gives the impression that it’s a much larger birds.

The overall length of the bird must be taken into consideration when choosing the right birdcage and especially travel carrier.

They can be quite tame and are a relatively good talker.

Below you will find three curated questions about Indian ringneck’s the found us one way or another and we felt sharing solutions would be helpful

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7 Budgie And Parakeet Questions Answered

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Question about Male Parakeet.


Every time I put my arm in the cage he attacks it, or he flies at me when I look in the cage.


My female looks depressed like she would rather he move out.


She use to be so happy.


I got her first, then him a couple months after.


She would sing, and play with her toys.

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What is a good summary about how it is to own parrots (macaws specifically)?

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I don’t know that there’s enough storage space on the Quora servers to answer this.


I read that parrots are loud, noisy and messy – a lot.


Then again so are children.


Let’s start with a top level explanation.


Pet people in the disciple category will always react negatively towards the word own preferring instead to call it pet bird companionship.


In reality birds are the most owned pets we can have.

We have to lock them up in a bird jail.

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We’ve learned how much we know and don’t know about captive bird care after taking the exam

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Find the Birdy IQ exam here if you haven’t taken it

Of the first 170 exams we had a 25% pass with 75% correct answers to 44 multiple and true/false questions

Please share your comments below terms if you think this helped or did not.

What else would you like to see?

more questions and/or explanations to the answers.

Please comment below

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The Complete Guide To Understanding Sleeping Birds

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Have you written about “bird sleep”? I watched a eagle chick go from hatchling to fledgling and during the process, both the chick and parents seemed to sleep only periodically, preening much of the night.

I recently put an night-vision camera on my 35 year old amazon’s (1/2 blue-front, 1/2 panama) cage, and was surprised to see that she seems to preen much of the night as well.

Is this common with all birds?


Bert S.

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The Secret of Do Birds in Cages Suffer All Their Lives?

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I’ve often said the perfect size cage for a Green Wing Macaw is 30 acres. Many birds can and do suffer miserably in cages. There are ways we can offset the majority of the stress for our captive birds — but many of us do not.

Full transparency — I’m companion to one Senegal parrot and four budgies. That in and of itself does not make me an expert. What makes me an expert is my 15 years of interacting with tens of thousands of captive bird owners while operating the Windy City Parrot website

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Does UV Light Really Help Produce Vitamin D3 in Birds?

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Have you ever wished you could see the additional ultraviolet light spectrum that birds can?

I’ve been a strong proponent of using light cycles to interrupt the circadian rhythms of our pet birds 

I’m also fully convinced that no amount of artificial lighting over birdcage will help a bird produce vitamin D3 regardless of the lumens, quality of the ultraviolet spectrum emitted or the distance from the light source to the cage 

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