How Do I Stop My Bird From Laying Eggs?

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It’s important to review egg laying problems on a regular basis.

The discussion below will focus on single egg-laying instances and prolific egg-laying.

Other aspects of egg-laying encompass egg binding.

This is when the egg doesn’t make it out of the oviduct, the area between the uterus and cloaca on its own.

Another problem is when eggs are laid internally.

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How To Keep Budgies Warm And Plump For Winter

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Wintertime in NSW Australia

G’day from Down Under,

Here in Tamworth, we are just about to go into winter.

Editors note: that’s early June Endnote

The temperature can occasionally get as low as -10c (14f), usually about 0 to -2c.

I was hoping you can advise me on what to do to look after my two little budgies and green cheeked conure through the worst of it.

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Can A Macaw Parrot Get Cataracts?

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Can you do anything for this?


I have a Catalina macaw she is 30.


Her right eye seems to be not as clear as her left. It’s like a very lite graying.


Sometimes she bumps into things.


Her diet consists of seeds and pellets she also gets prime vitamins in her water


Also a little treat from our dinner plates at night.



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Should I Give My Pet Bird A Mirror Or Not

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The original question came from Quora

Is it okay if a bird sees the reflection of her cage in a mirror from a little distance? Does this make the same effect of a mirror inside of the cage?


One of the answers read: “Larger birds such as parrots have no trouble telling that their reflection is not another bird. For smaller birds, the mirror would probably need to be in the cage so that the bird could actually play with its reflection.”


but the answer makes no sense.

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More CBD For Pet Birds – Mythbusting

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Although I firmly believe that correlation does not necessarily imply causation I’m very concerned with the fact that 60% of pet birds die of malnutrition according to necropsies (animal autopsies) performed by veterinarians.

I can’t help feel the explosion of feeding “chop” to pet birds has fueled that statistic.

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How This Blind Couple Handles 4 Parrots

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Debra C. writes:

I enjoyed the article entitled “Should Blind People Own Pet Birds“.


My husband and I are both totally blind.


I am 62 and Barry my husband is 67.


I have kept birds most of my adult life since I was in my early 20s.


I have never had a really large bird the largest being my precious male blue-headed Pionus, Andy.


I also have 3 budgies, Jade, Turquoise, and Lavender.

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Why 2 Veterinarians Can’t Stop This Goffin Cockatoo From Plucking

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Hello, knowing of your holistic approach to things here is a synopsis of our bird and situation.


We have an 11 1/2 yr old Goffins Cockatoo, Taedo ( we have had him since 2008 when he was 3 mths).


We did have him sexed and know he is a male.

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Why A Birds Flicker Fusion Rate Is So Important For Fast Flight

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Over the past few years, we’ve been emphasizing the proper use of man-made lighting and its effect on pet birds.


Search results when googling the term “pet bird lighting” predominantly yield linksĀ to products relating to lighting for pet birds.


With the exception of Windy City Parrot and the Lafebers blog, it is difficult to find information about pet birds and the many ways light affects them.

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