Readers Respond to What is The True Lifespan of Parrots

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I have a Rosella parrot, whose feathers are not clipped.


He is not the type of bird to interact with but none the less he is a cherished member of the household.


He has a large cage 7 ft by 5 ft long where he is able to fly from branch to branch and a 9 ft x 5 outdoor cage used only on mild days weather permitting.


I think all owners of birds should consider the living quarters of their pet birds especially if they do not allow them out of their cages or rarely.


It is a commitment to give the best quality of life we can to our feathers friends.


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Re: 🐦Hi Laura What is The True Lifespan of Parrots in Captivity?


Well, I don’t agree with the first 2 comments.


Keto is not long term healthy and you have to know what you are doing to feed a parrot chop to make it balanced.


Pellet is dead food.


It has some nutritional value.


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Re: 🐦Hi Jennifer What is The True Lifespan of Parrots in Captivity?



Thanks for the blog post about life-span and chop.


Chop was (and maybe is?) still kind of hot in the parrot community.


Two things: my birds aren’t nuts about it and it’s quite labor-intensive.


And, one of the parrot rescues I like showed us the same info you put up–that birds should only be given a pretty darn small amount of it.


I was shocked only a tablespoon or so ( for greys, ‘zons) was what they should be offered.’

I see that protein would be deficient from the research you did.


I do like to offer my birds some fresh foods (carrots, bananas, green beans, peas, chickpeas) for foraging activities.


They waste most of it but they seem to enjoy sifting through it as an activity.


As always they get pellets and Nutri-berries.


And thanks for the discussion about Higgins Intune.
My Amazon loves it in particular.


He likes the red ones the best lol.


Not mentioned is that InTune has no fake dyes—I like that they use vegetables and fruit to color it.


My Grey and Meyers like Harrison’s and sometimes TOPS Organic.


I tried Hagen Tropican but was unable to get them to transition. It looks like a great pellet though.


Anyway, thanks for your blog. 


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Re: 🐦Hi Laura What is The True Lifespan of Parrots in Captivity?


It depends on the type macaws live to the ripe old age of about 75 yrs!


Rule of thumb/the smaller the parrot the shorter the life span.


My Red Lored Amazon should have lived to the age of 70/75.


Pivot – a new subject


Re: Hi Sue – Do You Think That Birds Are Unhappy in a Bird Cage? (Published 10/10/2020)


Once a bird learns to Respect his freedom, he loves it. 


BUT, every 🐦 must have his own personal space available at all times. 


I do frequently change the set up inside the cage.


That’s critical for mental stability.


If you want a pet playmate, do the work. 


Otherwise, clean the cage, buy quality food and enjoy your caged socially clueless bird.

Flighted Or Clipped Wings – Our Readers Weigh In

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You asked whether our birds are flighted. 


All three of our birds – African Grey, Dusky Pionus, Cockatiel – are fully flighted. 


We have a lot of large windows in our apartment but so far we have not had a problem. 


They all have their favorite routes and pretty much stick to them. 


The only time we have clipped our bird’s wings is when we were traveling internationally and they had to go through the health and customs inspections at the airports.

Lisa Yano

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Windy City Parrot Defines Small And Medium Size Species Of Pet Birds

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Small species pet birds

Birds we classify as “Smaller” species 

FYI  There’s something like 100 species of Conures. Conures need to be subdivided into small, medium & large (which is on our to-do list)

Green cheek conures weigh 64 grams (cockatiels are about 100 grams – Patagonian conures weight about 280 grams, about the size of a Timneh African grey.

Don’t think for a minute conures can be classified into one size category

Large Canaries

Gibber Canary

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Windy City Parrot Defines Small And Smallest Species of Pet Birds

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Zebra Finches – Gray Chestnut Finches – Flanked White Finches – Fawns Lightback Finches – Black Cheek Finches – Black Breasted Finches – Florida Fancy Finches – Orange Breasted Finches – Penguin Finches – Pied Finches – Eumo Finches – Agate Finches – Recessive Silver Finches – Black Face Finches – Fawn/Gray Cheek Finches – Dominant Silver Finches – Crested Finches – White Finches – Yellow Beak Finches – Timor Finches – Society Finches – Society Finch (Bengalese) – White Rumped Mannikin Finches – Gray Crown Mannikin Finches – Java Finches – 

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What should you consider before getting a pet bird?

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Children are loud, messy, and time consuming,  but every family has 2.6 of them (Pew research).


I probably spend less time cleaning up after my eight birds in three bird cages than most moms cleaning up after 2 six-year-olds 


sff chld hi chair spagetti messy lovebird What should you consider before getting a pet bird?


or a single toddler


To say that all birds are time-consuming is an unsupported blanket statement.


We have a Senegal parrot and an African ringneck.


Neither is very noisy.

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12 YouTubers For Parrot Lovers You Need To Know

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At first I thought to myself “this’ll be fun.”


Once I started the project it was a bit more difficult than I forecasted.


I originally started with 9 YouTube channels but some favorites needed to be included not simply based upon numbers.


For those who are not following on us Facebook or our YouTube channel, you’ll note that we are ramping up our use of Fid-eo to better communicate caged bird care.


Our goal is not to replicate what was being said but to bring more valuable information to the conversation.


I get alerted to every new fid-eo about pet bird care from the list of experts I’m going to be exploring with you shortly.


I’ve curated a list of what I subjectively feel are the 12 top YouTube channels to watch for captive bird care.

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Exercise Your Bird – Why & How – Videos

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We focus on bird and parrot nutrition a lot here because of the complexity of a bird’s anatomy.


Birds require far more energy than their ground-based counterparts.


Migratory birds fly at high altitudes where the air is thin.


You and I would require supplemental oxygen at those altitudes.


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