Who the Heck is the Versele-Laga Bird Food Company?

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Before I share Versele-Laga’s story, if you’re a fan of all-natural Goldenfeast or Higgins (where all the seed and nut blends contain InTune pellets) you may have noticed this logo appearing on bags (see featured image at top).


%name Who the Heck is the Versele Laga Bird Food Company?


Higgins (in 2018) and Goldenfeast (in 2015) were quietly purchased by Versele-Laga over the past 5 years.


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Higgins and Goldenfeast are top sellers (thanx to you) so you’re already buying Versele-Laga.


Besides offering over 100 Higgins products and over 30 Goldenfeast items we are now offering 7 New SKU’s of Versele-Laga supplements found here. 


VL calci lux 1 Who the Heck is the Versele Laga Bird Food Company?


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Our Story


Versele-Laga is a fourth-generation family business started in 1932 by Prudent Versele.


Located in Deinze, Belgium, we are one of the largest pet food manufacturers in Europe, with a market presence in over 75 countries and manages 11 pet food and pet care production facilities worldwide.


Versele-Laga produces over 2,100 branded food and care products for a vast array of animals including pet bird and small animals, wild birds, dogs, cats, horses, farmyard animals, pigeons and many more.

Our Values


With over 85 years of experience in animal nutrition, Versele-Laga develops pet foods that pet parents can trust.


Its vision is built upon four pillars of values that are common to everyone in the organization:


Respect — Understanding that it all begins with respect for the environment, pets and all animals, pet parents, business partners and our employees.


It’s about listening to and understanding the needs of all involved and developing responsible solutions to those needs.


Passion — Devoting our efforts every day to provide the best customer service and nutritionally complete pet products on the market.


Our true passion will always be the wellness of your pets.


Expertise — Sharing our experience and knowledge in the animal food and care industry, with our business partners and most importantly the pet parents that rely on us to care for their pets.


Responsibility — Standing behind every product we make and assuring our customers that their trust is our most valuable asset.


We also believe in giving back to the pet community by supporting various bird conservation, pet health care projects, and non-profit foundations.


Our Commitment to the USA


For Pets — At the end of 2015, Versele-Laga entered the North American companion pet market by acquiring Goldenfeast, a super-premium bird food manufacturer in Pennsylvania.


Why Racing Pigeons Are So Expensive – video


In October 2018, we solidified our commitment in the United States by joining forces with Higgins Premium Pet Foods in Miami, Florida.


Founded in 1972, Higgins is a second-generation, family-owned company and a leading manufacturer of premium companion bird and small animal foods.



Versele-Laga is committed to identifying and meeting the needs of pet parents in the U.S. with natural and innovative nutrition for their pets.


As part of this commitment, all our pet foods developed for the U.S. market meet the following ingredient requirements:


  • No artificial preservatives, flavors or colors
  • Colors sourced from grasses, herbs, and vegetables
  • Animal proteins in small animal foods to better reflect omnivore dietary protocol
  • No Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in any herbivore diets
  • The use of extruded morsels for better palatability, longer fibers, & higher nutrient bioavailability


Our Tribute To Pigeons In The Military


For Pigeon Fanciers — Versele-Laga pigeon foods and supplements have been distributed throughout the United States for many years.


The Plus I.C.+ assortment with the special immunity concept is recognized for its superior quality.


It has become the preferred way of feeding pigeons amongst many of the U.S. top fanciers and creates the difference between a pigeon and a champion pigeon.



For more info and details of the Versele-Laga products you can contact them at:

The Higgins Group Corp.
3198 NW 125th St.
Miami, FL, 33167
800 878 2666


How Do I Stop My Yellow-headed Amazon From Plucking?

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Yellow-headed Amazon (aka the Yellow-headed Parrot and the Double Yellow-headed Amazon)


Lupe asks


My yellow-headed Amazon (Chelsie) has been seeing a vet for feather plucking since Feb.


We have done several things to correct the problem.


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How Can I Stop My Parrot From Plucking Its Feathers?

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From a Facebook fan last night

I’ve got a Catalina macaw that has a problem of plucking, I took her to the vet, she has a clean bill of health, now if anyone can help with the feather plucking problem, I would appreciate it, Thanks 


From a customer on the West Coast during a phone call this week

“My 14-year-old lovebird began to pluck for no reason at all.


We have him on the best foods we can provide like Harrison’s pellets but we had to put a collar on her to stop the feather loss.


Nothing has changed in her life and she is fully flighted”


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My Green-cheek Conure Seems To Be Molting All The Time

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Yes I have another question for you, my green-cheek conure seems to be molting all the time and he’s lost the two big red feathers in the tail and I can feel the feathers under his skin in between his back and wing feathers is this normal or is he short on calcium he will not touch a cuttlebone or any calcium bone to rub down his nails or beak so I have two perches, that are rough, he is a year and a half old, already really molted. 


Thank you very much! Jane

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Why 2 Veterinarians Can’t Stop This Goffin Cockatoo From Plucking

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Hello, knowing of your holistic approach to things here is a synopsis of our bird and situation.


We have an 11 1/2 yr old Goffins Cockatoo, Taedo ( we have had him since 2008 when he was 3 mths).


We did have him sexed and know he is a male.

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Help With An African Grey And A Triton Cockatoo.

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I Have An African Grey And A Triton Cockatoo.


I hand fed both and have had the Grey since 1985 and the Cockatoo since 1987.


They are housed separately in AE bird cages and I have perches around the house for them to move to as I work around.


Both are female.


My Gray has begun acting strange.

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Solving This Greys Feather Plucking With A New Nano Environment

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Spoiler alert: This post and discussion illustrate how I reached my diagnosis:

Jan is plucking his feathers because his feet hurt.
He’s using his food dish to sleep.
This helps avoid pressure to the bottom of his feet  which he feels when they grip the smooth dowel rod perch.
That’s why he plucks in the sleeping cage – he wants the pain to ease.

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