Why Are We Talking About Treating Bird Bite Wounds?

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Were not going to start with bird bites because we’ll be talking about several first-aid challenges you may face having a bird or two in your home for several decades.

Everyone likes to think of themselves as being prepared for disaster and certainly life’s cuts and scrapes.  

I’ve personally sutured a dog in a garage (after 5 minutes of training by my vet) 🙂

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Indian Ringneck Love Brings Ringneck Problems

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Indian ringneck’s are marvelous birds and I’ve had the great fortune to live with the species and two different households.

They’re not big birds they way an average of 115 g about the body size of a Senegal or a fat cockatiel but the long tail gives the impression that it’s a much larger birds.

The overall length of the bird must be taken into consideration when choosing the right birdcage and especially travel carrier.

They can be quite tame and are a relatively good talker.

Below you will find three curated questions about Indian ringneck’s the found us one way or another and we felt sharing solutions would be helpful

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What is a good summary about how it is to own parrots (macaws specifically)?

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I don’t know that there’s enough storage space on the Quora servers to answer this.


I read that parrots are loud, noisy and messy – a lot.


Then again so are children.


Let’s start with a top level explanation.


Pet people in the disciple category will always react negatively towards the word own preferring instead to call it pet bird companionship.


In reality birds are the most owned pets we can have.

We have to lock them up in a bird jail.

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Congratulations – you’re no longer a caged bird keeper. You’ve been elevated to zookeeper

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Dear Mitch,

I need advice in so many “bird” areas that I don’t know where to begin.  It seems that all the personal bird stores are disappearing and even the good vets are a rarity.  I have been involved with birds for almost thirty years.

I ordered a small crock on Amazon about a year ago and that is how I became “connected” with Windy City, your Sunday newsletters, etc.  It is the result of a vision “issue” that discourages me with the  computer and I do much better “talking”.

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Converting Kitchen Cabinet Drawers to Fun Foraging Areas

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Hi Mitch,

How are you?  I hope that all is well.  I have recently encountered a problem with Seymour and was wondering if you might have some ideas for me.  

I usually have Seymour on the kitchen sink counter top where her toys are.  

She plays there pretty much all day and clean up is easy.  As of 2 weeks ago, she has been climbing on the cabinets and chewing on the wood.  

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