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OH NO someone has stolen my parrots! SunDance, Pepper and 19 other parrots: missing!

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My first medium sized parrot was a loving sun conure who spent all the years of her life with me. She chose me one day when I was in a pet shop when she was just weaned, about 8 weeks old.

Today I know I got her for the wrong reasons. I was fast learning a lot about my budgie Sydney and twice-found cockatiel Cocoa. After two cold winters in Denver, my husband and I were at last returning to Cape Canaveral for his job on the Space Shuttle. Before leaving Denver I said I wanted a bike for riding the beach and a parrot to ride with me. When SunDance picked me, little did I know she would have an absolute horror of bicycles. No matter how I worked with her, she never overcame this fear.

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I lost my bird or I found a parrot are 2 problems w/ interchangeable solutions – think, don’t panic & have a plan

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While cruising one of my sub reddits – parrots (yes Virginia there are more social media sites than Facebook) a woman posted she had found an African grey parrot who is now locked in a room by itself so her dogs don’t get to it. 

She was seeking “care” advice and people were giving it to her. No matter that the bird might’ve had a microchip that could be scanned by a local veterinarian. No matter that the bird’s human family is probably freaking out.


Many people are under the false impression that a clipped bird can’t fly. In a modest wind a 100 g cockatiel can be swept away and airborne on it’s way to the next state regardless of the severity of wing trimming. They don’t need a whole lot a lift to defy gravity – they’re birds!.

button kaylor I lost my bird or I found a parrot are 2 problems w/ interchangeable solutions   think, dont panic & have a plan

A bird that never leaves your shoulder under any circumstances may change the rules of the game once you walk out of doors. A loud noise in unfamiliar surroundings like out of doors can trigger panic flight.

Window screens are not a barrier to the outside world for any bird and make for easy escape routes after a couple of pecks with a razor sharp beak.

With this being the time of year we take vacations it is not unusual to hire a pet sitter. But much like avian vets are more attuned to birds, bird sitters are far more appropriate than general pet sitters.

Bird sitters will know that birds will want to follow you from room to room and it is less likely the bird will get crushed in a doorway.

Bird sitters should also know that unlike terrestrial pets, when doing a visual sweep of a room for the bird they know to look up as well as on the floor.

You’ve been warned.

I can bore you with a list of ways to prevent your bird from flying out an open door or window. I find it easier to follow one simple rule.

button kaylor I lost my bird or I found a parrot are 2 problems w/ interchangeable solutions   think, dont panic & have a plan

Know where your bird is in the home 100% of the time. If you don’t know where your bird is don’t open an exterior door or window – problem solved.

A relatively inexpensive safeguard ($50 – $150) is to have the bird microchipped which we talk about here

Like all emergencies the key ingredient is to keep your presence of mind. There’s no right way to secure a bird that’s flown away. That said you need to put things in perspective. In other words a bird whose wings have been clipped for the majority of its life is not a good flyer.

This can work to your advantage because the bird may be intimidated by its surroundings and not want to have to go through attempting to fly again which he finds uncomfortable and tiring.

Another factor is the degree of socialization your bird has experienced in its lifetime. A bird that has been isolated will be scared of other human beings and not likely seek food in a strange household. Conversely a bird that is used to interacting with humans may very well end up in another humans open window when he or she gets hungry.

Found Cocaktiel 9/24/2012 Now at Windy City Parrot

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Someone has contacted you via your listing on “FOUND: IL, Chicago, Lutino Cockatiel, Sep. 24. 12”

Name: Karen R


Phone: (XXX) 555-6604

Message: I lost a cockatiel like this a few years ago. He sings if I only had a brain. It could be mine Please contact at the above number. I would love to see. If it is mine great but if it is not and no one claims it I would want to adopt it. Please let me know. I really miss my Jimmky. That was the birds name.

Dear Karen

The bird is very clean and the likelihood of it being your bird is slim. That someone found it, moved to the city and lost it near our store is just not probable.

This cockatiel is VERY quiet and does not sing. That may be due to its fear of being in a new place and once it is in a new home may open up.

It does not appear to be tame, but it may have been at one time. BUT it needs a home QUICKLY.

It is in a small cage in our store and needs to be in a larger cage soon. If you want it and can pick it up by 4 pm Friday, you can have it. We really do not wish to leave it in the small bird cage all weekend alone. You would need to bring a cage to take it home.

Please contact us immediately. 312-492-9673

Store hours are Monday through Thursday 10 am to 5 pm and till 4 pm Friday, we are closed weekends.

If you can make it during those hours let me know ASAP.

Basically, at this point it needs a home right away. The first responsible person to come will get it.

Thank you.

Catherine Tobsing
Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique
906 N. Western Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60622
312.492.9673 ext 102
312.492.9674 Fax

Chicago PD dropped off this Lutina Cockatiel this morning 9/24/2012 found about 6 blocks from the Windy City Parrot Birdie boutique – if this is your bird please call us toll free 877-287-0810


What’s the Story with Bird Leg Bands?

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Every once in awhile we get a request for bird leg bands. Because of the variety and broad selection necessary to satisfy every birders needs it’s a category that we choose not to cover at this time.

Leg bands come in a variety of sizes and are available in plastic, aluminum and stainless steel. Leg bands are used for different purposes. Many states and Uncle Sam require permits to move certain species of birds into a given state as well as owning some exotic birds. If you do need to obtain a permit you may need a bird’s band number because it will indicate that that bird was imported legally or bred domestically.