What Do You Know About Macaw Asthma? It’s Really A Thing.

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This first of three answers about macaw parrot keeping solutions is in response to the Quora question:

Is it unsafe to have a cockatoo in your home and a macaw, Given that many macaws are susceptible to asthma? Following up, is there any sort of test a macaw could have done to identify asthma? 

Macaw Asthma aka Macaw Respiratory Hypersensitivity disease is found in several species of macaws but is especially prevalent with blue and gold macaws.

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Is My Blue and Gold Macaw Biting Me Because of Displaced Anger?

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Nancy H wrote:


Dear Mitch and Catherine,


I own a Blue and Gold Macaw that I’ve had for 23 years, I love him dearly as he’s been my little companion and room mate.


The problem is and I’m hoping you can help is that I’m not able to have my family or friends over, because Bernard will literally take a tantrum screaming until I go in and get him and bring him out to see who’s there and when I go to bring him back to his cage, he bites me hard with displaced anger.


So, as you can see I don’t know how to correct this bad behavior.

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The Ultimate List Of 43 Macaw Species With A Focus On Large Macaws

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This first list is of “mother nature made” large macaw parrots

  • Blue & Gold Macaw
  • Blue Throat Macaw (endangered)
  • Buffons Macaw aka Great Green Macaw
  • Green Wing Macaw
  • Hyacinth Macaw
  • Lears Macaw
  • Military Macaw
  • Scarlet Macaw
  • Spinx Macaw

An abbreviated science lesson as to how large hybrid macaws are bred by humans:

(videos of all macaw species we could gather are below for your visualization, education and entertainment)

  • Buffon’s + Green Wing = Buffwing Macaw
  • Blue Gold + Buffons = Bluffons Macaw
  • Green Wing + Military = Calico Macaw
  • Blue Gold + Hyacinth = Caloshua Macaw (no video available)
  • Scarlet + Catalina = Camelot macaw
  • Green Wing + Calico = Cameo Macaw
  • Scarlet + Camelot = Capri Macaw
  • Catalina + Blue and Gold = Catablu Macaw
  • Blue Gold + Scarlet = Catalina Macaw
  • Catalina + Green Wing = Flame Macaw
  • Blue Gold + Harlequin = Harligold Macaw
  • Blue Gold + Green Wing = Harlequin Macaw
  • Harlequin + Green Wing = Jubilee Macaw
  • Harlequin + Catalina = Maui Sunrise Macaw (no video available)
  • Blue Gold + Red Front = Maui Sunset Macaw
  • Hyacinth + Military = Milicinth Macaw
  • Blue Gold + Military =  Miligold Macaw
  • Buffon’s + Green Wing = Miliffons Macaw (no video available)
  • Ruby + Catalina = Rubalina Macaw
  • Green Wing + Scarlet – Ruby Macaw
  • Scarlet + Military = Shamrock Macaw
  • Scarlet + Miligold = Starlight Macaw
  • Harlequin + Scarlet = Tropicana Macaw
  • Scarlet + Buffon’s = Verde Macaw

Not to be confused with this list of smaller or “Mini Macaws”
(a Mini Macaw blog post will be found here)

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