Can A Macaw Parrot Get Cataracts?

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Can you do anything for this?


I have a Catalina macaw she is 30.


Her right eye seems to be not as clear as her left. It’s like a very lite graying.


Sometimes she bumps into things.


Her diet consists of seeds and pellets she also gets prime vitamins in her water


Also a little treat from our dinner plates at night.



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Is Using An Anti Psychotropic Drug A Good Feather Plucking Solution

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We are trying something different today.


This is a video interview with Dr. Jenkins, a board-certified avian veterinarian.


The video is sponsored by Chloe Sanctuary, a well known and highly regarded bird rescue.


Here is a paper written by Dr. Jenkins on the subject.


Read 13 more scientific papers on bird and parrot care.


Veterinarian Gregory Harrison of Harrison’s bird food is also an advocate of light therapy.


The two major issues I have with Dr. Jenkins are:

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Why Is This Jubilee (Hybrid) Macaw Having A Difficult Molt?

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Donna B writes on 9/9/2018

I have a 6-1/2 year old Jubilee Macaw (named Bijou) who seems to be having a very difficult molt.


I am concerned his constant picking might turn in to plucking.


Bijou has begun constantly picking on himself and pulls out not only larger feathers but also small to mid size feathers and gray fluff.


As of now, however, I don’t see any skin abrasions or blood.  

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