Why Has One of My 2 Quakers Gotten Bitey?

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Carolyn L. writes


I have two Quakers, one green one blue Zachary and Felix.


Zach is about 7 and Felix is a sweet 2 yr old.


They are in separate cages because Zachary has gotten very nasty and attacks little Felix.


Zach bites everything and everyone!


Felix loves me and nibbles but not to hurt.


How can I get Zach to stop the biting so I can get them together?

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How Did Another Rescue Bird Find Us?

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We just rescued another bird and I drove 794 miles less than I did for the last one.


Of our bird-related calls, most are people seeking to acquire a “new bird”.


We will always refer them to the closest bird rescue in their area.


Yesterday (2/11/20) we got a call from a woman in Cedar Lake about 6 miles from our new place in Lowell.


(Talk about a bird rescue near me)


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Why is My Quaker Parrot Afraid of My Hand?

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Rochelle R writes


I purchased a 3-month-old Quaker parrot, suspecting it’s a female. 


I was told she was hand-fed. 


I’ve had her for over a month now. 


But she is petrified of hands. 


I’ve been placing my hand (palm down) to hold a treat near her cage door, she usually takes it. 


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Why is It So Critical to Know Different Pet Bird Species?

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Why is it so important to understand the differences between bird species?


I’m not ashamed to say we get more deliveries from Amazon (like most Americans) then we care to talk about.


This week a new Amazon driver “Patrick” handed off an envelope then said “I’ve never been here before – this place looks cool.”


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Are Ionized Air Purifiers Safe for My Bird and More Answers for You

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More specifically


Are ionized air purifiers safe for my lovebird?


Absolutely not! (MitchR)

​Although marketed as being able to “scrub the air”, these “ionizers” do not remove airborne dust to a significant degree but do generate ozone, an unstable oxygen molecule (O3). Read more: 

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Why I Think My Birds Are Happy

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Lynn H writes


Hi. First of all, thank you much for all of your valuable information.


It is greatly appreciated.


RE: Do You Think That Birds Are Unhappy in a Bird Cage?


I have had a total of three birds: a cockatiel, a quaker parakeet and a Senegal parrot since 1990.


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4 Essential Quaker Parrot Questions Answered

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Quaker parrots a.k.a. monk parakeets are unique little birds.


Feathered factoid – Quakers are the only parrot that builds a nest.


Not just any nest – a condominium nest.


Quaker parakeets nests are so large that they accommodate dozens of birds who share body warmth enabling them to endure the harshness of winters in Chicago and other major cities around the country.

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Will My Quaker Parrot Warm Up To My Cockatiel And Budgie

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Katie L. Asks

Is there ever a chance my Quaker Parrot Blu will warm up to my other birds?

He just turned 1, I’ve had him since he was a baby.

We got Winnie the Cockatiel as a baby about 6 months after Blu and just a few weeks ago Chip the parakeet joined our flock.

Blu isn’t as aggressive w/Winnie at this point, but he used to stalk her.

He loved pulling a feather or biting her toes and as a result, Winnie is scared of Blu and little baby Chip.

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