Flighted Or Clipped Wings – Our Readers Weigh In

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You asked whether our birds are flighted. 


All three of our birds – African Grey, Dusky Pionus, Cockatiel – are fully flighted. 


We have a lot of large windows in our apartment but so far we have not had a problem. 


They all have their favorite routes and pretty much stick to them. 


The only time we have clipped our bird’s wings is when we were traveling internationally and they had to go through the health and customs inspections at the airports.

Lisa Yano

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Prepping Our New Ringneck Rescue For A Travel Cage – Video

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For those not binge watching Windy City Parrot TV, we rescued a 17-year-old male African ringneck last week.


This is Labor Day weekend 2018.


We will be leaving tomorrow Friday afternoon and returning Monday afternoon or evening.


The birds will be in the car with us for 2 to 3 hours – each way.

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12 YouTubers For Parrot Lovers You Need To Know

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At first I thought to myself “this’ll be fun.”


Once I started the project it was a bit more difficult than I forecasted.


I originally started with 9 YouTube channels but some favorites needed to be included not simply based upon numbers.


For those who are not following on us Facebook or our YouTube channel, you’ll note that we are ramping up our use of Fid-eo to better communicate caged bird care.


Our goal is not to replicate what was being said but to bring more valuable information to the conversation.


I get alerted to every new fid-eo about pet bird care from the list of experts I’m going to be exploring with you shortly.


I’ve curated a list of what I subjectively feel are the 12 top YouTube channels to watch for captive bird care.

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What types of parrots can you legally own in the US?

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Start with the Endangered Species Act from 1973

Quaker parrots are illegal to own or sell in

  • California
  • Georgia
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Hawaii
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • Wyoming

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Incoming Category 2 Hurricane & You’re Chasing a Bird Under Furniture

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Re-posting this on 09/01/2017 with hurricane Harvey as a stark reminder of mother nature’s dark side.

Parrots and Evacuation Kits are one of my favorite subjects. Nora wrote this post but my introduction is from someone who has been there – us. June 23rd 2005 Windy City Parrot burned to the ground – long story.

If you have a pet bird or any pet for that matter – what’s your plan in an emergency? Floods, fires, frogs, locusts?

Sure you’re on your game with the latest high-tech smoke and high water sensors in your home but let me quote from some recent headlines.

6/25/15 Boston – New England Record Snow Tracker: Boston Breaks All Time Seasonal Snow Record in 2014-2015

(What’s your backup heat source?)

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These Indian parrots are opium addicts

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Jaipur: Poppy farmers in Rajasthan’s Chittorgarh district are facing a unique problem.

Come March, parrots descend on their fields in large numbers to slurp on the milk oozing out of cuts made in the pods to ripen the yield.

“Once they have their fill they sit on trees and sleep there for hours. Some of them can be seen circling or staggering before falling from the trees due to overdose of opium,” says Kishore Kumar Dhaker, a poppy farmer in Sukwara village of Chittorgarh.

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Why & How The TSA Fondled My Underwear Before Flying On A Big Silver Bird

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Let me state unequivocally. Unless there is some sort of geographical – emergency I will never fly commercially again. You can look at my LinkedIn profile and see that I spent my youth repossessing aircraft. I don’t mind flying – it’s the getting there using an airline that’s annoying.

I was excited about going to Global Pet Expo in Orlando Florida even though I would be spending only one day at the show. I briefly thought about riding down on the Rocket but that would’ve added two additional days I could not spare at this point in time.

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