Incoming Category 2 Hurricane & You’re Chasing a Bird Under Furniture

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Re-posting this on 09/01/2017 with hurricane Harvey as a stark reminder of mother nature’s dark side.

Parrots and Evacuation Kits are one of my favorite subjects. Nora wrote this post but my introduction is from someone who has been there – us. June 23rd 2005 Windy City Parrot burned to the ground – long story.

If you have a pet bird or any pet for that matter – what’s your plan in an emergency? Floods, fires, frogs, locusts?

Sure you’re on your game with the latest high-tech smoke and high water sensors in your home but let me quote from some recent headlines.

6/25/15 Boston – New England Record Snow Tracker: Boston Breaks All Time Seasonal Snow Record in 2014-2015

(What’s your backup heat source?)

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These Indian parrots are opium addicts

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Jaipur: Poppy farmers in Rajasthan’s Chittorgarh district are facing a unique problem.

Come March, parrots descend on their fields in large numbers to slurp on the milk oozing out of cuts made in the pods to ripen the yield.

“Once they have their fill they sit on trees and sleep there for hours. Some of them can be seen circling or staggering before falling from the trees due to overdose of opium,” says Kishore Kumar Dhaker, a poppy farmer in Sukwara village of Chittorgarh.

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Scientists fundraise for conures

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Did you know the sun conure may be facing extinction in the wild, and you can help? There is a real need for more surveys to establish their status in nature. The 2014 estimates published on the IUCN database are between 1,000 and 1,499 mature birds. Some of the last known sun conures live in Guyana, a country with a small human population and a lot of forest and savannah grasslands.

The IUCN page mentions that the trade in wild conures is “ongoing” because “due to the ease with which birds can be attracted to bait (e.g. corn) and the large distances they will travel, it is easy to trap all the individuals in an area.” Quoted from Jamie Gilardi.

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Why & how the TSA fondled my underwear before flying on a big silver bird

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Let me state unequivocally. Unless there is some sort of geographical – emergency I will never fly commercially again. You can look at my LinkedIn profile and see that I spent my youth repossessing aircraft. I don’t mind flying – it’s the getting there commercially that’s annoying.

I was excited about going to Global Pet Expo in Orlando Florida even though I would be spending only one day at the show. I briefly thought about riding down on the Rocket but that would’ve added two additiinonal days I could not spare at this point in time.

Some of you may remember almost a year ago I made a 3300 mile round trip Rocket (motorcycle) ride with the goal of facilitating a plan for my mother’s move back to Chicago. So 2300 miles wasn’t out of the question.

I know I’m already sounding erratic as usual and so to tie up a couple of loose ends, when I took the motorcycle ride down to New Mexico I didn’t know what was going on so I also bought a “Non-refundable” round-trip air ticket which was expiring two weeks from now.

That was the nail in the coffin on the Rocket ride – free airfare – $166. Cheap right? I also decided I wanted to check a bag which is really with this rant is about. Extra bags are $25 – each way on Delta – not what the rant is about.

I had not been to Orlando for 20 years and never to the convention center which dwarfs McCormick Place in Chicago. I figured I’m going to a tradeshow – the hotel website Indicated it was close to the convention center but failed to disclose it was between the convention center and the airport and I literally ended up spending more on taxis than I did on the fricking plane ticket – Very steep learning curve – Car rental next time.

I am certain prisoner intake at Cook County jail is friendlier than going through TSA airport screening. Besides the long lines they use to arbitrarily pick people like me out of the line and have them take off their shoes.

Now everyone over the age of 12 has to remove their shoes and I wear Carolina 8823a logger boots with an 8 inch riser. The notebook computer has to come out of the computer bag go into a separate tub so basically between the computer by itself, the boots, the jacket, the computer case, the wallet and all the other crap you have to remove from your pockets it necessitates three tubs.

Men are required to remove their belts. I don’t wear a belt, I wear suspenders, those could stay on. I guess that means that IF you want to sneak contraband you should wear suspenders and not a belt somehow weaving it into your suspenders? I went through some sort of biometric 3 second body scan in a tube designed for a Schwarzenegger film – and so did everyone except for the children. The final insult is getting patted down just like on TV. I put on my most menacing scowl – they moved quickly.

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The International Bird Carrier Caper & Paperwork Avalanche

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A couple months ago we talked about the how to’s of traveling with your bird. the physical portion of terrestrial travel doesn’t change whether you’re traveling in town or across the country.

You can travel with your bird by air or by car. We talked about Disaster preparation with your bird. Here’s a great page that outlines what you need to do and lists a whole bunch of pet friendly hotels and motels which dovetails with our talk about travel today.

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Traveling with Your Bird? Here’s Your How To’s

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Air travel with your bird is a post all it’s own so today we’ll focus on terrestrial travel.
We are moving all comments from the old style blog to this new fancy schmancy one, by hand. Any comments made today and moving forward, will be made under your own profile. We apologize for any confusion and hope this new format will help make us all better caged bird keepers.
We’ve talked about travel carrier rehearsal. As we approach the peak of the summer travel season I thought we’d talk about best practices for vehicular travel. We travel with Popcorn our (White Face Lutino) Cockatiel, seven days a week. On the weekends we have a permanent spot with 25 foot (1979 vintage :-)travel trailer at a campground. It’s a 75 mile trip each way.

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Cage for my grey for when I take her to the boarder

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Prevue Madison 124 Rigid All Welded Bird Cage for Small Birds - USA Made


I am trying to find a cage for my grey for when I take her to the boarder. I would like it to be around 20″ square and about 29″ high. It must have three feeding stations, and that’s where I’m having trouble finding what I want. 


I would rather the top not open into a play area but that is optional. I would like to keep the cost to $100-$150 but if I can find exactly what I want, I will consider going higher. Thanks!!

Hi Veronica


In order to stay close to your budget certain trade offs need to be met. The issue is “3” feeders which you won’t find unless you’re looking at conventional “wrought iron” cages otherwise cages close to your price range will have 2 “exterior” feeding doors.


You can always add a third feeding dish but that would require the temporary care giver to enter the cage with their hand.


Here’s a couple of ideas that come to mind let me know if you need further recommendations – top can be locked and easily comes off the stand


Hope you’re having a great holiday weekend





Hi, Mitch, Thanks for your help on the cage. I had already looked at both of those cages but 3 feeding stations are a must have. Not sure why people think you’re not serious when you tell them to keep their hands out of the cage but they seem to think you must be kidding. 
My last boarder got bitten when she stuck her hand in the cage to change the paper after I verbally warned her as well as writing it on the instruction sheet in big letters and highlighting in yellow. My bird is not normally mean but that is her house and the lady is a stranger. Keep me in mind, please, (since you don’t have anything better to do Click Me!) and I will keep checking, also.
Thank you again for your help, I really appreciate all you did. 


Responses to Tips for Traveling with Your Bird

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Pigeon reading a GPS device
You may not remember me. I am the person who years ago purchased a California Cage for one of my parrots. We are still using the cage and it has worked out great!
In response to the various carsick remedies, I want to share something. My husband and I have had a feral Pigeon named Walter Pigeon for almost nine years now. We also had a feral Pigeon named Ginger (Ginger Rogers) who we lost to egg problems almost two years ago. They are the only two birds we have ever had who would get carsick everytime we took them to the Vet. At first we thought that it was because they were Pigeons (our first experience with Pigeon husbandry). My husband thought that maybe it was because the car was moving while at the same time they were standing still in their carriers.
We transported them to the Vet in one of those cat carriers (closed on three sides with a wire front). Then last month, we were rehabbing another Feral Pigeon who we named Streak. We took her to the Vet in the wire carrier that I purchased from your company (another great purchase). It is the one that folds up for storage. The Pigeon did not get carsick to and from the Vet. What we are thinking is that it may be the type of carrier that is used for transportation. Maybe Pigeons are claustrophobic or maybe they just need to have an open view all around. We lost Streak, the Pigeon, 10 days later. Our intention was to release her back into the wild once she had recovered from her illness, but she died before we could do that. Our next step is try the same type of carrier with Walter, our Pigeon and see what happens. I will let you know how it works out.
Grace C
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