Do my budgies and cockatiels feel bored or depressed with their life of captivity?

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Captivity is a relative term. I’m not relegated to my home but I still have to pay rent, go to work, pay taxes and perform all those duties that enable me to be a good neighbor and good citizen of the world.


If captivity is all that you know, is it really captivity? We have four budgies, all rescues. We don’t have the background on any of them but we’ve kept them flighted thus they don’t ever leave the cage.

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My cockatiel shrieks, cackles and trills extremely loudly 2 or 3 times a day – help!

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I really want to compliment Mitch on the wonderful newsletters he sends out on Sunday Morning. They are intelligent, witty and so well written. I love the information I get from them. I’m glad you made a big deal about full spectrum lighting, because several of the bird owners I know don’t even bother to use it.

I currently have a 4 month old male cockatiel named Qi who was hand fed and tamed by the breeder In a room full of other birds of varying species. Qi is very loving, active, and fed properly and he also gets plenty of toys and attention. My only qualm is that 2 or 3 times a day he shrieks, cackles and trills extremely loudly (for at least 3 minutes each time).

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Are my budgies un-trainable?

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Hi Mitch!

Any thoughts on clicker training?  Any videos on your site for that?

Thanks ahead for any insight…

Rocco (Michael)

PS  And the birds love cuttlebone, I think I’m gonna need a cuttlebone holder or some such thing…the metal clip that came with the one I have doesn’t hold well…

Kudos for clicker training here you go. More clicker training videos can be found here

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Budgie Nutrition, Cage Set Up Video & Tips

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Peggie W replied – Feb 19, 8:25am

Hi, I am about to order some of the Scenic pellets for parakeets. I was just wondering how this compares to Volkman’s parakeet mix or Harrisons. I’ve been feeding my keets Volkman’s . Also, could you write more about parakeets ?

No one will write about parakeets! It’s always about the larger birds. I’d like to hear more about training an older, or stubborn bird, getting them to play more. Also, more about creative cage arrangement for smaller birds.

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I’m declaring myself THE caged bird keeper’s influencer for the Internet.

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(no one else wanted the gig)

If you follow digital trends as I do, it’s impossible to not recognize “the next big thing in marketing” called influencer marketing something that’s actually been around since 1940

All the “experts” in the many LinkedIn groups I follow and blogs I read coming across my crowded inbox have very precise instructions on how to achieve influencer marketing.

Search for influencers, connect with influencers, reach out to influencers, tell the influencers what great stuff you have, offer cash and gold bullion with the goal of a said influencer with 3 million followers on Instagram happily talking to their fans and followers about what remarkable stuff you have to say. It’s nice you have an instruction document.

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My caique chews on everything in sight – help

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I love your birdie brunch and read it first thing every Sunday. Thank you!

I hope you can help me. I have an 8 yr. old white-bellied Caique. Conrad has owned me since he was 3 months old. I am also a strong proponent of flighted birds (seems to me they were made that way), so Conrad is fully-flighted.

He’s delightful and we are strongly bonded. He’s really a great bird and good company. HOWEVER, I don’t seem to be able to stop him from chewing on everything in sight. He has numerous toys of varying types and textures in all his houses (currently 3, not including travel), but when he’s out he chews on furniture, window sills, molding, electric cords, shoes, to name a few.

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Is sugar in bird food good or bad for my bird?

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Hi Windy City Parrot.

All this blogging about food but I really need to know what you feed the budgies – and what they actually will eat. Standard seed mix? Any pellets? Avicakes? (molasses = sugar)

People food? Mine eat an uncolored mix (millet, canary seed, oats) and Harrison’s pellets, which they seem to eat more of than the corn pellet bits that come in their seed mix.

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Making your own bird cage perches

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If you are considering the making your own bird cage perches from trees in the back yard or local forest preserve, it’s important to know which wood species are safe and which ones are not. Please use the list below as a reference.

If you do introduce outside wood into your bird’s cage you should disinfect the branches with a good quality disinfectant like Mango Pet Focus – and allow them to dry completely before putting them in your bird’s cage.

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