How Do I Treat Macaw Mites

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Are Mites Making Making My Macaw Miserable?


Hi Mitch,

Always look forward to your Sunday articles, thanks!


Madeleine is a (Blue & Gold Macaw) rescue from a home where she was malnourished, neglected and abused.


I was able to negotiate relinquishment but it’s been a year of learning for me, we bonded and I decided to adopt her instead of fostering.


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Answers For Breeding And Feeding Budgies

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Hello, My 2 parakeets had been mating & the hen has been laying 14-15 eggs so far.


After the first 9, the male who had been guarding the nest abandoned the eggs.


It seemed they are all unfertilized after looking at them under a bright flashlight.


Then they started building another nest under the table where I keep all their supplies (inside a bucket).


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Answers To Cockatiel Problems Including Swollen Tongues And Bumblefoot

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12/24/2018 – My cockatiel has a swelling on the side of his tongue and the vet is off for the holidays. help!!


12/24/2018  – Dear Patricia

We are very sorry to hear your bird may be ill.


Of course, timing is often not right and our pets health issues may come at the wrong times.


This is beyond our experience and knowledge.


Yes, a trip to your Vet is the way to go.


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Windy City Parrot Defines Small And Medium Size Species Of Pet Birds

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Small species pet birds

Birds we classify as “Smaller” species 

FYI  There’s something like 100 species of Conures. Conures need to be subdivided into small, medium & large (which is on our to-do list)

Green cheek conures weigh 64 grams (cockatiels are about 100 grams – Patagonian conures weight about 280 grams, about the size of a Timneh African grey.

Don’t think for a minute conures can be classified into one size category

Large Canaries

Gibber Canary

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Is Using An Anti Psychotropic Drug A Good Feather Plucking Solution

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We are trying something different today.


This is a video interview with Dr. Jenkins, a board certified avian veterinarian.


The video is sponsored by Chloe Sanctuary, a well known and highly regarded bird rescue.

The two major issues I have with Dr. Jenkins are

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My Cockatiel Is Going Through Ascites.  

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Name: Cynthia




I came across the story about your cockatiel Popcorn.


I am going through the exact same thing with my cockatiel.


Can you tell me the outcome?


I know it is likely grim.


Thank you, Cynthia and Bindi

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Should We Anesthetize Birds For Exams And Blunt Their Beaks?

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The following comment is in reference to a blog post entitled  “How To Stop An Indian Ringneck Parrot From Biting


Russ commented:

FIRST OFF, Blunt Keto’s beak at the vet.


My vet is Scott McDonald, who puts all birds under gas for examination & grooming (STRESS FREEEEE).


His clinics are several per month in his Clarendon Hills home.


The best of the best.

SECOND: as with my 15 y.o. Pionus, teach Keto the difference between GOOD & BAD (or NO GOOD), by saying REPEATEDLY OVER & OVER AGAIN & AGAIN “Good Boy!”

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Can I Grab My Parakeets While In Their Cage

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First of all people who state absolute truths about bird care as in yes and no have much to learn.

To answer this question with an emphatic “no”, begs even more queries:

  1. It’s time to take the bird to the vet, how do I get it from cage to carrier?
  2. The bird is sick or injured in the cage, now what?
  3. How do I get the bird to examine it?
  4. What if I need to weigh the bird?

If you just want to let the bird out by opening the cage door have you examined your home?

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