When Environmental Accidents Stress A Pet Bird To The Breaking Point

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A couple of weeks ago we talked about “You Are Sick With No Caique Caregiver – Now What?

In this follow up thread we learn that “yes, it can always be worse.”

Hello Catherine,

I had written to you several weeks ago pertaining to the safety of microwaveable popcorn.

Two weeks ago, this coming Monday, I had kidney surgery and returned to my apartment door being busted into (door locks forcibly opened). 

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How To Keep Budgies Warm And Plump For Winter

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Wintertime in NSW Australia

G’day from Down Under,

Here in Tamworth, we are just about to go into winter.

Editors note: that’s early June Endnote

The temperature can occasionally get as low as -10c (14f), usually about 0 to -2c.

I was hoping you can advise me on what to do to look after my two little budgies and green cheeked conure through the worst of it.

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Can A Macaw Parrot Get Cataracts?

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Can you do anything for this?


I have a Catalina macaw she is 30.


Her right eye seems to be not as clear as her left. It’s like a very lite graying.


Sometimes she bumps into things.


Her diet consists of seeds and pellets she also gets prime vitamins in her water


Also a little treat from our dinner plates at night.



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14 Scientific Papers For Bird And Parrot Care

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If you want richer, robust and more granular content than Facebook bird groups and Google searches for information about pet bird care, it’s best to navigate towards expert sources (which is why you’re here 😉


We spend a lot of time fact finding and this list (below) is just one of our sources.


All papers were written by veterinarians, ornithologists, zoologists, and other accredited professionals.

An excerpt from Feather Picking and Self Mutilation in Birds 

Improper wing clipping. This is a huge problem. The feather should be cut between the upper and lower coverts so the clipped feather is hidden between them and not seen. 

Typical pet-shop clips are done straight across; the wing is pulled open and the feathers clipped so that the cut feather shafts protrude. This results in sharp edges which irritate the bird’s sides. wp bird feather diagram 14 Scientific Papers For Bird And Parrot Care

(image added by Windy City Parrot)

If it is done correctly, only the first few primaries are cut, allowing the bird to flutter to the floor; but if they are cut straight across, the bird will crash since the secondaries give it lift. 

With a poor cut, the bird will pull its wings into its body and the sharp edges of the cut feathers, which are not protected by the coverlet feathers, will poke the bird in his side. 

They irritate the bird, and he starts picking at them and his side. He ends up with primary feather shafts that are frayed and going in all directions.

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Do Dowel Perches Harm Budgies Feet – Avian Diabetes – Shoes – Avocados

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Notably absent from the prior answers (on Quora) are the words “and I inspect my bird’s feet by flipping him over and examining his feet under a magnifying glass on a regular basis.”


As a vendor of bird cages and accessories for over 25 years, we advise people to take the dowel rod perches out of the cage immediately upon assembly.


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More CBD For Pet Birds – Mythbusting

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Although I firmly believe that correlation does not necessarily imply causation I’m very concerned with the fact that 60% of pet birds die of malnutrition according to necropsies (animal autopsies) performed by veterinarians.

I can’t help feel the explosion of feeding “chop” to pet birds has fueled that statistic.

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What Our Readers Think About Pet Birds And CBD Oil

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These comments are in response to last weeks post CBD Oil – Miracle Cure For Birds Or Just The New Snake Oil


From Taryn Palo


Regarding CBD oil.


My avian vet sells it. 


He’s taken care of my Umbrella cockatoo for 23 years now so I pretty much trust him. 

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CBD Oil – Miracle Cure For Birds Or Just The New Snake Oil

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On June 2, 2018 I responded to the question

I, for the most part, pleaded ignorance and suggested that he not give his African Grey CBD oil based on my “spidey sense.”


Now I’m seeing more conversations about the use of CBD oil on all sorts of animals but obviously, my concern is the effects of CBD oil on our pet birds.


Let’s take a deep dive into the subject, shall we?

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