Would CBD Oil Help A One Eyed African Grey?

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Name: Inna M


We have a 7 year old African grey.

Unfortunately we made a mistake and did not train him properly.

We are having problems with his behavior.

He attacks.

He bites.

He is angry.

He only obeys one person in the house.

Is it too late to train him? Who can we turn to?

Thank you.

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60 Nasty Household Hazards Birds Shouldn’t Be Around

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I hope the post on the Ultimate Bird DIY First Aid Kit will become part of your avian reference library.

We’re going to break down the first aid thing into several manageable parts.

Before we do here’s a pop quiz: What was the cashier at Walgreens thinking when I bought Pedialyte, saline, eyewash, plastic gloves & a tube of KY Jelly? (for the birdy first aid kit?)


We designed the ultimate bird first aid kit for a broad range of species, so you don’t need everything in it.

As an example you really need a needle nose pliers to pull of blood feather from a blue and gold macaw, but only a strong tweezers for smaller bird like a parakeet.

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What types of parrots can you legally own in the US?

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Start with the Endangered Species Act from 1973

Quaker parrots are illegal to own or sell in

  • California
  • Georgia
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Hawaii
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • Wyoming

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Why You Need To Know About Zoonotic Avian Infections

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Zoonotic Avian Infections describes the process whereby an infectious disease is transmitted between species (sometimes by a vector) from animals other than humans


Zoonotic Avian Infections can include:


Also known as parrot fever and ornithosis, psittacosis is caused by Chlamydophila psittaci, an obligate intracellular bacteria of birds. Infected birds shed bacteria through feces and oculonasal discharge.

Most human cases result from exposure to infected psittacines.

Apart from exposure to infected pet birds, individuals at risk include pigeon fanciers, employees in poultry slaughtering and processing plants, veterinarians and technicians, zoo, laboratory and avian quarantine employees, farmers, gamekeepers, and wildlife rehabilitators.

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Why Are We Talking About Treating Bird Bite Wounds?

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Were not going to start with bird bites because we’ll be talking about several first-aid challenges you may face having a bird or two in your home for several decades.

Everyone likes to think of themselves as being prepared for disaster and certainly life’s cuts and scrapes.  

I’ve personally sutured a dog in a garage (after 5 minutes of training by my vet) 🙂

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The Challenge Of Rescuing An Older Injured Citron Cockatoo

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Thank you Constance R.


So often its important to hear from independent third parties who provide valuable feedback on our pet bird content.


Having been in the process of rescuing budgies, (current budgie census is at six) and spending a lot of time with Peaches, our Senegal parrot weighing in at about 115 g, our recent focus has been skewed towards smaller birds.


Constance has a Congo African Grey and an Umbrella Cockatoo and from her recommendations, this is going to be a cockatoo-lishish post.

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Indian Ringneck Love Brings Ringneck Problems

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Indian ringneck’s are marvelous birds and I’ve had the great fortune to live with the species and two different households.

They’re not big birds they way an average of 115 g about the body size of a Senegal or a fat cockatiel but the long tail gives the impression that it’s a much larger birds.

The overall length of the bird must be taken into consideration when choosing the right birdcage and especially travel carrier.

They can be quite tame and are a relatively good talker.

Below you will find three curated questions about Indian ringneck’s the found us one way or another and we felt sharing solutions would be helpful

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How do I tame an older vicious African grey?

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This was most recent answer to that question on Quora:


“So, I did something that, again, I do not recommend for anyone else.


I got myself comfortable against the cage, and put my left hand into a balled fist, and let him hit me. Again. And again. And again.


Eventually blood ran down my elbow. He hit me 40+ times while I looked at him with my eyes half-lidded, calm & relaxed, glancing away as if bored from time to time.


After around ten minutes, Sammie stopped striking at me. He had a long pause, looking at me sideways, then with his head upside down.


Then he put a foot on my bloodied hand.”

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