Who the Heck is the Versele-Laga Bird Food Company?

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Before I share Versele-Laga’s story, if you’re a fan of all-natural Goldenfeast or Higgins (where all the seed and nut blends contain InTune pellets) you may have noticed this logo appearing on bags (see featured image at top).


%name Who the Heck is the Versele Laga Bird Food Company?


Higgins (in 2018) and Goldenfeast (in 2015) were quietly purchased by Versele-Laga over the past 5 years.


Find all Versele-Laga Goldenfeast here


Higgins and Goldenfeast are top sellers (thanx to you) so you’re already buying Versele-Laga.


Besides offering over 100 Higgins products and over 30 Goldenfeast items we are now offering 7 New SKU’s of Versele-Laga supplements found here. 


VL calci lux 1 Who the Heck is the Versele Laga Bird Food Company?


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Our Story


Versele-Laga is a fourth-generation family business started in 1932 by Prudent Versele.


Located in Deinze, Belgium, we are one of the largest pet food manufacturers in Europe, with a market presence in over 75 countries and manages 11 pet food and pet care production facilities worldwide.


Versele-Laga produces over 2,100 branded food and care products for a vast array of animals including pet bird and small animals, wild birds, dogs, cats, horses, farmyard animals, pigeons and many more.

Our Values


With over 85 years of experience in animal nutrition, Versele-Laga develops pet foods that pet parents can trust.


Its vision is built upon four pillars of values that are common to everyone in the organization:


Respect — Understanding that it all begins with respect for the environment, pets and all animals, pet parents, business partners and our employees.


It’s about listening to and understanding the needs of all involved and developing responsible solutions to those needs.


Passion — Devoting our efforts every day to provide the best customer service and nutritionally complete pet products on the market.


Our true passion will always be the wellness of your pets.


Expertise — Sharing our experience and knowledge in the animal food and care industry, with our business partners and most importantly the pet parents that rely on us to care for their pets.


Responsibility — Standing behind every product we make and assuring our customers that their trust is our most valuable asset.


We also believe in giving back to the pet community by supporting various bird conservation, pet health care projects, and non-profit foundations.


Our Commitment to the USA


For Pets — At the end of 2015, Versele-Laga entered the North American companion pet market by acquiring Goldenfeast, a super-premium bird food manufacturer in Pennsylvania.


Why Racing Pigeons Are So Expensive – video


In October 2018, we solidified our commitment in the United States by joining forces with Higgins Premium Pet Foods in Miami, Florida.


Founded in 1972, Higgins is a second-generation, family-owned company and a leading manufacturer of premium companion bird and small animal foods.



Versele-Laga is committed to identifying and meeting the needs of pet parents in the U.S. with natural and innovative nutrition for their pets.


As part of this commitment, all our pet foods developed for the U.S. market meet the following ingredient requirements:


  • No artificial preservatives, flavors or colors
  • Colors sourced from grasses, herbs, and vegetables
  • Animal proteins in small animal foods to better reflect omnivore dietary protocol
  • No Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in any herbivore diets
  • The use of extruded morsels for better palatability, longer fibers, & higher nutrient bioavailability


Our Tribute To Pigeons In The Military


For Pigeon Fanciers — Versele-Laga pigeon foods and supplements have been distributed throughout the United States for many years.


The Plus I.C.+ assortment with the special immunity concept is recognized for its superior quality.


It has become the preferred way of feeding pigeons amongst many of the U.S. top fanciers and creates the difference between a pigeon and a champion pigeon.



For more info and details of the Versele-Laga products you can contact them at:

The Higgins Group Corp.
3198 NW 125th St.
Miami, FL, 33167
800 878 2666


What Is A Bird Safe Floor Cleaner To Use In The Home?

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Hi, Mitch and Catherine.

I love your blog.

Chock full of great info.

I read it every week.

I am getting a young cockatiel in about 5 weeks.

My question is about cleaners to use in my house around birds.


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Accolades To All Birdie Moms

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Spoiler alert: Your mother’s day gift is at the bottom.


Having 11 birds, 10 budgies and an African ringneck, we get it.


Living upstairs of our new facility, Keto (the ringneck) sleeps on the second floor with us but spends the day supervising mom in his “office cage (below).


keto office cage Accolades To All Birdie Moms


“Keto’s a biter”.


If he is within 2 inches of skin he will lash out and bite.

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Windy City Parrot Now Shipping From Lowell, IN

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We can’t thank you enough for your patience as we had to shut down shipping last week while we began to organize our new workspace.


There are a host of reasons that we made this move aside from saving money on rent, utilities and taxes. 


Interesting to note is that when you operate an Internet retail company, you can run it from anywhere on the planet, as long as you have a high-speed internet connection.


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R.I.P. Dr. Fosters and Smith Pet Bird Supplies

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I wrote the 95 words (below this new text) on April 30, 2015.


I didn’t include all the fanfare and buzz from Jim Myers, at the time.


“This move underscores our commitment to nurturing the complete health and well-being of animals and further allows Petco to meet the diverse and expansive needs of pet parents,” said Jim Myers, Petco CEO.

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How To Stop An Elenora Cockatoo Plucker And A Screaming Citron Cockatoo

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Good morning, I get your newsletter every Sunday.


We have an elenora cockatoo (aka medium sulfur crested) that we have had for 21 years.


We got her when she was 4 months old.


Within the last two years she has started to yell.


Within the last year it has gotten real bad.

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How Winter Places Stress On Captive Birds

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Birds have a highly developed sense of light. In humans, we perceive light through our eyes.
Our feathered friends have an additional way of interpreting light conditions, a special gland which surrounds the eye. Read more on this
As days get shorter and the temperature falls, we want you to be aware of some issues the changing weather may have on your birds.
In the wild, animals rely on the cycling of the sun, and the seasons to adjust their biological clocks and metabolism. It is the sun, and changes in the quality of light and length of the day which set the stage for breeding, migration, molting, and daily behavior patterns.
I hope this helps you understand why we feel the lighting category on our site is so important to your Bird’s well-being. A full-spectrum light and timer on top of your birds cage can help address everything from behavioral issues to incessant egg laying.


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Annoucing Windy City Parrot V3.0

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Can we talk?

YouTube just broke up with us

Trust me it was them not us.

Here’s part of the email I received last Sunday afternoon:

We’d like to inform you that due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines

(https://www.youtube.com/t/community_guidelines) your YouTube account WindyCityParrot.com has been suspended.

~Deep breath~

That was a “life changing” moment for me, Catherine and the Windy City Parrot team.

Watch our first video you’ll see not hosted on YouTube – a behind the scenes look at Animal House Animal Hospital in Chicago, IL USA

We’ve started to build Windy City Parrot V3.0

Our new where the sun never sets empire.

Goals we have set:

  • A brand-new interactive website that plays well on mobile
  • A website that rewards you for participation
  • New forum platform that helps you learn about keeping captive birds.
  • More videos than ever teaching caged bird care.
  • Bird rescues will have their own pages on our blog.
  • Podcasts with experts in the field of pet bird husbandry
  • Classifieds for selling anything bird related.
  • Affiliate program enabling a site to earn commission for selling our products.
  • A portal to ask questions specific to you and your birds unique situation.
  • 100% social media/judgement free place to meet other FID companions
  • Thought for the day
  • Direct feedback forms
  • AI bots that know what your bird eats
  • Exit social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest

Read the whole story and/or Ask us anything