Bird Flight Suit Endorsement

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Dear Catherine and Mitch, I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with the flight suit and leash I purchased from your company. When my cockatiel’s cage mate died, I wanted to find a way that I could spend more time with my remaining cockatiel tiel (Rai).

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Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill Intro

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Packed with romance, comedy and a surprise ending that makes you feel like you could fly out of the theater!”
— San Jose Mercury News

Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, The
An “engrossing, delightful film” (The Washington Post), THE WILD PARROTS OF TELEGRAPH HILL is the bonafide sleeper theatrical hit of the year.

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Wild bird cam frequently asked questions

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The Hawk Eye is a color camera, but I’m not seeing any in my birdhouse?

Although the Hawk Eye is a color cam, the brightness and intensity of that color depends on the amount of incadescent, or natural light reaching the camera. The size of the birdhouse entrance, whether the house is made of light or dark wood, and brightness of the sun (dawn, noon, dusk, overcast) will influence color intensity. In most cases the color inside a birdhouse will be rather muted. Full color capability is achieved when the Hawk Eye is used outside around birdbaths, feeders, etc.

Can I use the Hawk Eye on my computer? And, can I stream the video onto the Internet?

Most computers now have RCA (audio- and video-in) ports into which you can plug your Hawk Eye Nature Cam. Make certain these are “in” ports. In and Out RCA ports look the same . . .little colored holes in the side (yellow is video, white and red are audio). You have to make sure yours are “In”. If your computer has RCA In ports, it will also have the necessary capturing and editing software. Check your Programs file. Windows comes packaged with MS MovieMaker, a good, but basic editing package, but there are other programs that different manufacturers bundle with their particular machines.

If your computer doesn’t have RCA In ports, you’ll have to buy an adapter into which you plug the Hawk Eye, and then plug the adapter into the computer’s USB port. The one I like best is the Dazzle, made by Pinnacle . Great capturing, editing, and DVD burning capabilities.

All of the above is for getting signals into the computer. From there you can either save it as a file, edit it, and then simply add an html link to your web site so people can click on the file and see that day’s highlights. This is probably the easiest, and least expensive way to go, but, obviously, isn’t real time. Visitors to your site will only see highlights of what happened the day before.

Now, if you want to stream live, real-time video

(none of this still photos that refresh ever 30 seconds stuff) you’ll have to pay for it. We did it a couple years ago with ‘our’ Screech owls, and literally had thousands of hits, from as far away as China, across the U.S. and on to Germany. It does cost, but it’s well worth it. A great video/audio streaming company is . There is a learning curve doing this, but it’s fairly easy. Audio Video Web has great customer support, and it is a tremendous way to get visitors to your site and keep them coming back.

Go to and click on the “Content Delivery” tab at the top. From this select “Live Webcasting.” There are three payment options. I learned the hard — and expensive way — that Option 3 is the best. Click on the “rates” button on Option 3. You’ll see that this option offers unlimited bandwidth, but limits you on the number of people who can log in at one time. Because you want to stream real time, live action, you need to select the 300 kb option at the bottom of the page. There you’ll see you have different options for allowing three, 10, and so on listeners to log on at one time. Three listeners at a time will probably suffice, but if you want to splurge, go for 10. Just ask viewers to limit the time they are on.

Why Parrots Need Bird Toys

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Busy beaks are happy beaks!

A minimum of ten toys should hang in a well-furnished cage. Parrots should not be easily seen in their cage. This their home and they should feel camouflaged as in the wild. Parrots naturally live in trees allowing them to be heard, not seen.

Nests are built inside trees surrounded by more trees. Here, young are raised in the safety of nature’s cover.

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Why is flight so important for parrots?

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At the first hint of danger a bird normally takes to flight. During the hundreds of defensive short flights, flighted birds take each day, they are quickly assessing potential dangers and deciding if they need to keep flying to avoid a real danger. These short flights require immediate and appropriate decision making abilities.

We call this process ‘Thinking on the Wing’.The Parrot University has spent 20 years researching what makes a parrot “a parrot”. Our 20 year flighted parrot experience includes over 800 flock oriented pet parrots, and over 4,000 flighted baby parrots from more than 50 species. Cumulatively this amounts to over 7,000 bird years of hands on experience.

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What Makes Pretty Bird Food Different?

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What Makes Pretty Bird, Bird Food Different?
custom 3 cockatoos What Makes Pretty Bird Food Different?
Pretty Bird International Inc. Is a young, modern, fast growing company. After four years of development Pretty Bird’s first products were introduced in 1990. In a few short years Pretty Bird has grown to be a leader in the field of exotic pet nutrition.

Pretty Bird was founded by Michael Massie with the goal of providing the best possible foods for your companion animals. Unemcumbered by history, Pretty Bird has taken a fresh approach to nutrition and applied new ideas and technology to solve old problems in unique ways. Initially working with prominent breeders, Pretty Bird launched a nationwide grass roots distribution network which resulted in rapid growth in the marketplace. Our continuing research and application of new ideas allows Pretty Bird to continue to meet the changing needs of companion animals and their owners.

– Innovation
Modern times demand innovative solutions to old problems.
Pretty Bird was first to:

  • Introduce multi-colored, multi-shaped foods to enhance acceptance
  • Develop and introduce species specific formulas
  • Establish in house manufacturing capabilities

– Quality
Quality is our primary concern in food, packaging, and customer service. We operate an in house quality assurance lab with a microbiologist on staff. An independent laboratory runs continual analysis to assure consistency in composition. Our in house toxicology lab screens all incoming grains for toxins. This ensures the purity of any raw materials in the manufacture of our feeds. Our breeding and research facility in Florida is always using the food which is currently being sold providing an additional quality assurance safeguard. We do it ourselves to make sure it’s done right.

– Technology
In 1995, when only 5 years old, Pretty Bird acquired and installed one of the most technologically advanced extrusion facilities for the manufacturing of pet food products. Our system is based on Swiss made twin screw extruders, this high-tech equipment is commonly used to produce human breakfast cereals. One Buehler extruder has the capability to produce 4 tons of food per hour, 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week. A smaller Buehler extruder was installed for research and specialty products. This smaller extruder has a capacity of 200 to 1500 lbs per hour, making it economically feasible to produce small bathces or test runs of food.

– Service
Quality customer service has always been a primary objective at Pretty Bird. We have always had an 800 help line which is managed by experienced knowledgeable people. We are happy to provide advice on feeding and other aspects of captive management of exotic companion animals. We love to hear the questions or ideas of veterinarians, breeders and pet owners. Please give us a call at 1-800-356-5020 we may be of assistance.

– Packaging
Pretty Bird leads the industry in brilliant, colorful packaging featuring original hand-drawn illustrations. Our in-house artist, David Charles Brandon, has developed a style that is uniquely Pretty Bird. Pretty Bird products are available in various sizes to meet all needs from single pet owners to breeders. Attractively packaged in canisters, plastic and paper bags to ensure freshness on delivery and provide a visually appealing addition to the bird section in your favorite pet store.

Tropican pelleted bird food and the competiton

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  1. READ THE INGREDIENT LIST. Tropican contains NO fish meal, and is not based on wheat or soybeans. In fact, Tropican actually contains ingredients such as sunflower meal, oat hearts and peanut meal. Palatability is second to none. Of course, it is still very moderate in protein and fat – nothing like a seed diet.

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