Bird Breeding Supplies

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The Breeding sub-category is a good start to find breeding supplies. Not sure what size perch for your bird?You can find more breeding cages here.Feeding supplies will introduce you to some new ideas like Lixit Water Bottlesand can help you fix up older cages with our large selection of replacement crocks and feeder cups. Unless your bird is in flight, it’s on its feet. In nature trees, rocky surfaces and even the ground enable birds to use their feet over diverse surfaces. When birds don’t constantly exercise their feet tenderness may impair their use. For Cockatiel size birds and larger, we recommend a cage have at least 3 perches of various surfaces.

XX Cage selection FAQ’s

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Here’s some customer FAQS


Q – Its been 10 years since I purchased a new cage, and am trying to get something similar to what I have so the transition for Zack will be an easy one. His playtop has the half moon type ladders with crocks for feeding. Which brand that you use and carry do you suggest?

I’m looking for approx 23 or 24×32 or so. Mine is textured paint, do you feel that a smooth texture is easier to clean?? I would appreciate your help, and I’ll definitely order from you,

I’ve read the customer reviews and looked over your website, you all sound like bird lovers. We love the video of Snoball !! Oh yeah in that video are the cages in the background Prevue cages?? I liked the looks of them. Hope you can respond soon, Thanks, Cindy

Qustion – Please give your opinion about the best cage to replace my worn out California cage for my African Grey, I did look at the prevue model 3154 with the playtop, but don’t like that the 2 dishes aren’t on the same side of the perch. Can that be changed?

Answer- The Prevue 3154 is ideally suited for African Grays. The placement of the food cup on top is not really an issue for the birds. African Grays can live 70 years. In that life span we feel it is essential to constantly introduce change thus challenging the bird.

Protect your parrot in the winter cold weather

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custom kea flying Protect your parrot in the winter cold weather
Kea – Alpine Parrot (New Zealand)
A couple who are one a pair of our best customers came in yesterday to fill up a shopping cart full of toys for their lucky bird. In spite of their efforts to supply their Moluccan Cockatoo with the most and best money can offer, he had begun plucking. The bird had been to the vet whose diagnosis for the 3-1/2 year old was “hormonal.”

If I hadn’t made it clear before – I am no bird expert. I know what I have learned from helping thousands of customers over the years. But the “hormonal” thing bothered me. I asked myself why don’t all or even half of all Moluccan start plucking when they turn 3?

So I asked these folks some questions:

  1. Were any fans or blowers blowing on the bird? – Ceiling and floor fans as well as force air registers that blow air near a bird will ruffle feathers which can cause a bird to over preen. “No – no drafts in the room.”
  2. Lighting – since daylight savings time was he getting enough light? Birds can get depressed like humans. “Could be a problem”
  3. When did they turn on the furnace for the fist time this year? “Two weeks ago” How long has he been plucking? “Two weeks.”

We stopped right there. A Cockatoo’s skin is dry in the best of conditions. The dry warm air may have been the trigger – The timing is too close not to look at this as a real factor. Birds, just like us humans will experience dry skin in the winter.

Thanx for listening

Catherine Tobsing & Mitch Rezman
Owners takes checks, debit cards and paypal

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We Welcome Personal Checks, Debit Cards & Paypal
in addition to
Visa – MasterCard – Discover – American Express

custom check 2 takes checks, debit cards and paypal
Remember these? Send us one with a paper order form – click here
We are more than happy to process your order the old fashion way. will process
your Visa or MasterCard Debit Card with no problem

PayPal mark 180x113 takes checks, debit cards and paypal
We love PayPal. You can pay us with PayPal without disclosing any credit card information to us – how cool is that?

We use PayPal to help run on a day-to-basis.

We know where your money’s going Moves 03/31/2008

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logo2 Moves 03/31/2008

Simply Everything for Exotic Birds

For this week only Monday 3/24 through Thursday 3/27 –
Our outlet store (2007 W. Fulton St. Chicago, IL 60612) will be open 12:00PM-7:30PM.
Stop by for some great Birdie bargains.

In January we announced we were moving. The actual move from our current to our new location (4726 W. Walton Chicago, IL 60651) about 20 blocks – will begin this Thursday. No shipping Friday and back to business-as-usual Monday March 31st.

The new facility is too large (15,000 square feet – 22 foot high twin ceilings) to heat & cool economically. Rather than building interior offices, we acquired a 50 foot long by 23-1/2 foot wide office trailer. The former owner is a cabinet company and they spared no expense when furnishing this beauty. The challenge was to move it from their place to ours. Here’s a snapshot.

First half – The problem is one side is heavier then the other so it leans a bit

wcp move 02 Moves 03/31/2008

No problem when you’ve got Jim Kirincich (blue shirt & hat above) as your
mobile office mover and your landlord is Chicago Lift Truck

wcp move 01 Moves 03/31/2008

We didn’t realize the second half was an inch wider than the first half. We’ll be resurrecting our Blog in a couple of weeks and will relate the entire move

windy city parrot bird show table

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Event Listings

<fontface=”verdana” color=”#0000E1″>We thank all of the wonderful Bird Clubs and their members for their support and patronage over the past 15 years plus however we have discontinued our show travel and instead are staying back at the shop to work on our website sales and our warehouse store. We are shipping 5 days a week to our customers and their parrots in all 50 states and all around the world and we hope we can serve your needs as well.

Thank you, we could not have gotten this far without all of you.

showpicture02 windy city parrot bird show table

Windy City Parrot Weekend Contest Rules

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Announcing our first ever week-end contest. If your order number ends in “3” you win a $25 gift certificate – it’s that simple.

Contest starts 12:00 noon CST Friday 1/21/11 and runs through 12:00 midnight sunday 1/23/11. Follow us on Twitterfor real time updates.

How soon will I receive my gift certificate?

We will email it to you within 24 hours of receiving your oder

Can I use it right away?



Windy City Parrot Sale Coupon Questions

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Can I use coupons on this promotion?


But how come?

We get special pricing from the manufacturer on these cages – we want to be able to pass on the savings to our new AND existing customers at the same low price. Because the first time coupon 15% discount is not available to existing customers, the one low price for everyone makes sense.

OK but what about 15% Off Your First Order With Us – Coupon code 15
Coupon questions – click here

We have a couple of thousand other items, including all our bird cages & standsthat you can get 15% off on your first order with us. You can include the sale cage on your order with other items and the 15% coupon will calculate 15% off on everything except the sale cage automatically

Can I redeem my rewards pointson the sale cages?


Where does it say “Free Shipping” at checkout?

On Checkout step 3 of 4 Select – “Free Ship – AE Carrier – $0.00”

I live in Canada, do I still get free shipping?

Sorry – Free shipping only applies to the 48 Continental U.S. states – Canadian, Puerto Rican, Alaskan, Hawaiian and all non-US customers can find out how much additional shipping will be onCheckout step 3 of 4 by selecting from the drop down box labeled “Ship Via:”