Rules for winning gift certificates from Windy City Parrot

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Yes we really mean easy

Simply place an order – ANY SIZE order – between
6/1/2010 and 6/30/2010 and you ‘re entered to
Win 1 of 4 $25 Gift Certificates
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January 2010

Barb – Three Rivers, California – $100.00

February 2010

Heidi – Leominster, California – $100.00

March 2010

Kathy – Naperville, Illinois – $25.00
Caroline – Richmond, Virginia – $25.00
Diane – Arlington, Virginia – $25.00
Joe – Madison, Wisconsin – $25.00

April & May TBA

Hey I though it was illegal to make someone buy something to enter a contest.?It is – so anyone can come into the Birdie Boutique and fill out an entry form or mail your name and address to us without purchasing anything*.

What if I already placed my order?

You’ve been entered if your order was placed after 11:00 EST 5/1/2010

If I don’t win, will you have other contests?

Yes – we plan to hold a contest EVERY MONTH for the foreseeable future. EVERY order you place is a chance to win

Do I have to fill out a form?

Nope – Just check out of WindyCityParrot– when you see your “Order Number” you will have been entered.

What if I place a $2.00 order for in store pick up – so my order total will only be $2.00?

You’ll be entered – NO MINIMUM ORDER is required

What if place more than one order?

You’ll have more than one chance at winning

What if my “Bill to” email address is different than my “Ship to” email address?

Winners will be contacted by their “Bill to” email address or the “Ship to” if it’s the same as the “Bill to”

If I win, when will I be contacted?

No later than 5/15/2010

Is the gift certificate only good at


How will I receive the gift certificate?

Via email

How long is the gift certificate good for?

1 Year

Will the win be made public and published on social sites like Twitter& Facebook?

Yes – but we will only use your first name, what you ordered & your “Bill to” state

What if I make a purchase in the Birdie Boutique?

Just fill out an entry form

What if I cancel my order

You will no longer be entered

Can I win twice?


How will you chose the winner?

We’ll load up our order fulfillment software with orders for the month and scroll through all of them.

One person will scroll. Another person will have their back to screen.

When the person who has their back to the screen says stop, the winner will be chosen.

*Those who filled out forms in the Birdie Boutique will be manually entered into the order system as having placed $0.00 orders

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Researching parrots as pets

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Parrot Rescue by Rodney Foster

I would like to use this article to encourage people on the importance of researching all the information they can get to include reading, visiting zoo’s, and even try and find someone that has a Exotic pet they are thinking of getting. In the last few years exotic pets have been taking a rise in popularity, But at the same time exotic pet deaths and abuse are high also because exotic animals do not do well in our daily life style and for the lack of people being informed of what they are getting into before buying a exotic pet.

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Red Front Macaw Parrot

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I have a Red Front Macaw… fairly rare and usually NOT listed anywhere, so don’t feel too bad!
Depending on which source you rely on, Red Fronts are either the largest of the mini-macaws, or the smallest of the full-size macaws. So they fall into the medium-large or large category. Generally, about 24″ in length, weight between 400 – 500 grams (mine, for example last weighed in at 423g) but with a HUGE wingspan – unclipped, their wings can reach up to 36″.
Bit more trivia – this is the only parrot that can fly straight up, hover, stop & change direction in mid-air and fly backward! Truly amazing to watch. I’ve taught Murphy a few fun tricks: One involves him taking off from my wrist straight up, turning in place a full 360 degrees – sometimes twice – then landing right back down on my arm.
I figure if you are going to send me a coupon, you should at least get your money’s worth, so now you know a little bit more about the Red Front Macaw.
Thanks for the informative web site, and I will be browsing your cage selections more.
Mary D
Mackinaw, Illinois

redfront macaw Red Front Macaw Parrot

Murphy – Red Front Macaw (at about 2 years)

Pack O Bird Carrier Features

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%name Pack O Bird Carrier Featurestrans 1x1 Pack O Bird Carrier FeaturesEach Pak-o-Bird comes with the following:
A. Folded bird carrier body
B. Front or backpack strap
C. Shoulder Strap
D. Two roof support panels
E. Dragon wood perch
F. Two 5 oz. stainless steel cups
1. Two D-rings on each side of the roof for hanging bird toys
2. Detachable floor panel (can be removed to reduce weight)
3. Fully open front window mesh and covering flap
4. Exterior side curtain and two fastening straps
5. Perch holes for attaching the perch and feed cup
6. Velcro strips for holding the side curtain down
7. Car safety loops for strapping car seat belt/strap
8. Detachable front or backpack strap with adjustable chest strap
9. Tail extension Pouch (for the one with tail pouch) foldable flap on the base of the carrier when not used
10. Detachable Shoulder Strap
11. Four triangular rings for attaching the front/backpack strap
12. Skylight strip
13. Optional accessory – a separate car seat strap is available if needed
14. Zipper with auto-lock device and closure cover flap