De-Stress Your Bird with a Birdie Spa

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We allow ourselves to be stressed on so many levels these days.

Keeping up with social media contacts.

Fixing all the things that break in our lives – kitchen appliances – automobiles

Just getting to and from work can be an adventure.

So who wouldn’t say “no” to a day at the spa?

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Is a Cockatoo Right for My Family with Young Children?

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From Matthew Barrier a LinkedIn connection


yo Mitch whats a good bird for a family with little children. ive heard of stories of cockatoos i think umbrella’s crawling up into bed with little children and snuggling… 


anyways would love to hear your thoughts… 2 yr old and 13 yr old


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Why Does Sparky My Sun Conure Scream When He Can’t See Me?

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from “comments” in a recent order confirmation email

he is less than a year old and screams loudly when he cannot see me. I am hoping the calm herb will be effective when my neighbors are home. 🙂

Or just gives me a break when i need it. I took him to my moms for christmas and she was not happy about the loudness. 🙁

desta b

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I Took In A Rescue Sun Conure That’s Biting Me – Help!

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Mimi H writes


A patient of mine highly recommended you.


I’ve watched some of the biting videos but you see I took in a rescue sunconure.


We believe it’s male.


It humps everything right now.


His wings are not clipped mind you and I’m not against doing it if it will help.


My issue is not only is he hand shy but also a biter really bad.


We believe he is 4-5yo.


Where should I start and how?

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Annoucing Windy City Parrot V3.0

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Can we talk?

YouTube just broke up with us

Trust me it was them not us.

Here’s part of the email I received last Sunday afternoon:

We’d like to inform you that due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines

( your YouTube account has been suspended.

~Deep breath~

That was a “life changing” moment for me, Catherine and the Windy City Parrot team.

Watch our first video you’ll see not hosted on YouTube – a behind the scenes look at Animal House Animal Hospital in Chicago, IL USA

We’ve started to build Windy City Parrot V3.0

Our new where the sun never sets empire.

Goals we have set:

  • A brand-new interactive website that plays well on mobile
  • A website that rewards you for participation
  • New forum platform that helps you learn about keeping captive birds.
  • More videos than ever teaching caged bird care.
  • Bird rescues will have their own pages on our blog.
  • Podcasts with experts in the field of pet bird husbandry
  • Classifieds for selling anything bird related.
  • Affiliate program enabling a site to earn commission for selling our products.
  • A portal to ask questions specific to you and your birds unique situation.
  • 100% social media/judgement free place to meet other FID companions
  • Thought for the day
  • Direct feedback forms
  • AI bots that know what your bird eats
  • Exit social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest

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Budgie Bird Cages Cage Locks Aviary Building And Cleaning Them All

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What size cage is the minimum size for one small budgie?

The experts have all sorts of rules on proper cage sizing.

“It needs to be this size and shape in height”.

“In needs to have levels on this and that”.

“The bar spacing MUST be…….”

So here’s my deal with the experts

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Would CBD Oil Help A One Eyed African Grey?

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Name: Inna M


We have a 7 year old African grey.

Unfortunately we made a mistake and did not train him properly.

We are having problems with his behavior.

He attacks.

He bites.

He is angry.

He only obeys one person in the house.

Is it too late to train him? Who can we turn to?

Thank you.

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How And What To Feed Your Pet Bird Or Parrot

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What to feed that beautiful feathered being in the cage across the room?


Facebook is an endless source of poorly regurgitated information about everything from bird chops to smoothies (really?)


Let’s take the time to stop and think about what the professionals, the veterinarians, the ornithologists, the scientists, that have already contributed to the discussion of feeding your bird?

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