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Snapple Water Bottle Kit 5/16 Inch (.79 cm) Small Tip by Lixit

A great alternative to pricey water bottle kits. Help save the environment and save you money when you supply your own Snapple (or similar) beverage bottle. Usually 16 oz.

Small 5/16" Tip for small to medium birds like quakers, conures, ringnecks, the Medium Lixit SnappleWater Bottle kit may be more suited.

Kit comes with
  • Strong stainless steel metal frame
  • Stainless steel 5/16" nozzle 
  • Safe rubber stopper
  • Spring with spring snap clip on each end to attach to cage bars.
  • Does not include bottle
You supply your own bottle obtained by drinking a bottle of 16 oz "Snapple" or another variety of bottled juice. Then just wash the bottle, peel off the label and you have your bottle. At half the price of more expensive water bottle kits.
NOT for Larger birds like cockatoos, greys, amazons, macaws.
Hello, Rookie bird owner here. I am not even doing the simple stuff right. I bought the water bottle kit not realizing I had to supply my own bottle. Still, should not be a problem, right? Well, you'd think. Apparently Snapple is actually not sold in my area due to some sort of territorial conflict. I actually cannot buy Snapple in immediate area nor is it economically feasible for me to order it on line. I can drive 100 miles south of me to get to the next available marketing territory. That's not feasible either right now. To drive 100 miles for a bottle. The humorous irony of this is that I was actually down there 2 Saturdays back when I picked up my new bird. But I did not know then. Have you all run into this particular problem before and if so, do you have a suggestion for a suitable substitute? Does it really need to be glass? Any advice would be appreciated. Regards, Ken
Dear Ken, That is pretty wild that you can't buy Snapple in your area. BUT any bottle with a similar opening will work fine. The stopper is pretty flexible. Any brand will do. Your cost should not be more than a dollar or so for a bottle of juice, or other beverage. It can be plastic, glass is just better for cleaning. Catherine
Dear Catherine, One more reply. If anybody else ever runs into this problem that I had, a 15.5 oz Yoo-Hoo chocolate drink bottle works perfectly...and its actually glass too. (Great tip Ken)

Lixit Water Bottle Kit Snapple 5/16 Inch (.79 cm) Small

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 24 February, 2011.

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Lixit Water Bottle Kit Snapple 5/16 Inch (.79 cm) Small

Lixit Water Bottle Kit Snapple 5/16 Inch (.79 cm) Small

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