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Full Spectrum Day & Night Cage Light by Featherbrite Sandstone

This light is great for those pet birds that experience "night fright". The low-dose blue violet UV bulb provides a calming atmosphere.

The new mounting design is stainless steel, lighter and makes the light much easier to attach to almost every style cage including cages with flat, dome, Victorian and play tops. Just attach the legs to the light, front to back or left to right, depending on your cage. Push the large loop through the cage bars as shown and that's it! 

  • Bird cage light has safe non-toxic powder coat.

  • Built in light diffuser that spreads the light evenly.

  • The stainless steel cage attachment makes it really easy to mount to almost every style cage.

  • Super easy to clean and change the bulbs.

  • Stainless steel wire safety arm (12 inches) helps keep cord away from the side of the cage.

  • Includes: One Featherbrite 6w LED bulb and one blue-violet UV LED bulb is included This new bulb can be used 24 hours per day since it is only 1.5 watt which produces low UV's and is safe for your bird.

  • Light measures 9 inches x 9 inches x 10 inches high with legs attached and the wire extender is 12 inches long. Weighs approx 3 lbs.

  • Two 8 foot electrical cords with off/on switches. Best used on timers.

  • Made in the USA

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Please keep in mind that this lighting should be used during the brightest daytime hours. It is recommended that you use a timer so that the light goes on and off at specific times each day.We recommend that you consult with your veterinarian for specific hours of use for your particular kind of bird. 

Please note: You and your pet's safety is FeatherBrite's top priority. To prevent damage to the light bulb or electrical cord, remove and unplug the light from the top of the cage before your bird comes out to play. 

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Hi, Can the lamp be hung high enough above the cage so my Sun Conure can't get to it? He loves electric cords!!! I could hang it like a swag lamp, but might need to have it wired with a longer cord. Thanks

Hello, Please keep in mind when you raise a lamp higher, the less benefit your bird gets from the light. Personally we prefer the capital shade mounted on top of the cage as pictured in the listing. Birds will be birds and can get at anything they want so it is your job as a caged bird keeper to keep them entertained and occupied with things other than the lighting in their cages.Once you install the lights you might consider placing a favored treat on top of the cage along with some toys to maintain a distraction. For the most part we don't hear a lot about birds getting to the cord on these lights although we have had some customers slip PVC tubing over the cord.






Full Spectrum Day & Night Cage Light by Featherbrite Sandstone

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 01 February, 2017.

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Full Spectrum Day & Night Cage Light by Featherbrite Sandstone

Full Spectrum Day & Night Cage Light by Featherbrite Sandstone

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