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The FeatherBrite 20 Watt Spiral Compact Bulb is a full spectrum bulb which has a color temperature of 5500K and a CRI of 91. UVA 4% UVB.05%

Full spectrum fluorescent light emits light in all parts of the visual spectrum and some in the ultraviolet range(short-wavelength, high-energy light. To be a complete full spectrum bulb, the color temperature must be 5000K or greater, and the CRI must be at least 90. A standard fluorescent bulb generally only has a CRI of between 60 and 75, which means the intensity of the source of light is much lower, the temperature is cooler, and there is a noticeable difference or dulling of colors when objects are placed under a standard bulb. Keeping to those standards, the FeatherBrite bulb comes quite close to being a source of natural light for your bird, and the differences, not just visually, but in the demeanor and general health of your bird are vast.
Light Output 1250
Energy Used 20 Watts
Rated Life 10,000 Hours*
Our new and improved FeatherBrite 20w, compact, spiral fluorescent bulb is 5500k, 91 CRI, UVA 5%, UVB .04%. It's the perfect output for all birds.

Our bulb provides health enhancing full spectrum light required for caged birds without the heat.

We believe this is the best bulb for the birds. Many health benefits including enhancing Vitamin D synthesis. Your pet bird will love this! Great for African Greys, Amazons, Lovebirds, Conures, Finches, all types of parrots!

Our bulb will provide "full-spectrum" benefits up to 36" from your pet bird and it needs no "burn-in" time. The FeatherBrite bulb will be a few degrees warmer under the bulb, 78 to 30 degrees and the birds just love the bask under this bulb.

We recommend replacing this bulb annually because the benefits of full spectrum (the uv's) dissipate over time even if they still light up.
The FeatherBrite full spectrum fluorescent bulb has a standard screw-in base and will fit any standard socket. Our Moonlight bulb has a candelabra socket and will fit a night light. Our full spectrum bulb has a 1 year warranty and our LED moonlight bulb has a 2 year warranty. Because these bulbs have an electronic ballast, any type of dimmer switch cannot be used; Doing so will void any warranty of the bulb.
NOTE: Do not use these bulbs in any type of dimmer switch. They are not dimmable.

This bulb is also great for indoor plants and seedlings. It is a great bulb for task lighting.

1 year manufacturers warranty from date of purchase. Contact Featherbrite at 215-497-8876 or 
 * Light quality diminishes over time, it is highly recommended to replace your Full Spectrum bulbs after one year of use.
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Full Spectrum Spiral Flourescent Bulb 20 watt by Featherbrite

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 24 February, 2011.

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Full Spectrum Spiral Flourescent Bulb 20 watt by Featherbrite

Full Spectrum Spiral Flourescent Bulb 20 watt by Featherbrite

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