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Nekton Tonic I Booster Insect Eating Birds 1000 g  (2.2 lb)

Ingredients: Vitamins: Vitamin A, vitamin D3, vitamin E, thiamine, riboflavin, D-pantothenic acid, niacinamide, vitamin B6, folic acid, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin K3, biotin.

Amino Acids: L-alanine / L-arginine / L-aspartic acid / L-cystine / L-glutamine / L-glycine / L-histidine / L-isoleucine / L-leucine / L-lysine / DL-methionine / L-phenylalanine / L-proline / L-serine / L-threonine / L-tryptophane / L-tyrosine / L-valine.

Macro/Trace Elements: Manganese / zinc / copper / iron / cobalt / iodine / calcium / phosphorus. 

Usage: NEKTON-TONIC is in powder form and water soluble. NEKTON-TONIC can be sprinkled over moistened soft food or given as liquid nutrition. It should be given two or three times a week regularly to prevent deficiency symptoms but can be given daily for a short time during stress periods. 

When hand-raising young birds the solution can be fed into the beak by using an eyedropper or straight into the crop by means of a tube or needle. As soon as the birds are weaned onto a spoon, 10-15 days old, a certain amount of roughage should be added. 

The main value of NEKTON-TONIC as a supplement is that the majority of the more than 60 nutritive and effective substances it contains are in free form, meaning they are immediately and easily absorbed in full by the animal‘s body without having to be digested and degraded first and burdening the animal‘s organism . 

This makes NEKTON-TONIC particularly valuable during such stress periods as moulting (skin sloughing), re-caging and acclimation, shows, etc., and has proved an excellent help in raising young animals. The TONIC products have the added advantage of being useful as diets as well as supplements.

The variety and combination of these ingredients make the NEKTON-TONIC series to valuable tonics for strengthening and building up an animal‘s organism. Heading the list of nutritive and effective substances are the amino acids and vitamins as well as macro and trace elements. The effectiveness of the NEKTON-TONIC products lies in their species-specific formulas which ensure full availability, immediate utilisation and correct physiological functioning and interaction of the components.

One of the primary sources of energy in the NEKTON-TONIC products are the proteins. The proteins in NEKTON-TONIC are already in their digested form, namely, free amino acids. Almost all the amino acids and especially the indispensable ones are contained in these supplements so that the entire protein requirements for these animals are covered. 

Parallel to the protein the nitrogen free compounds carbohydrates and fatty acids are on hand to supply mechanical and heat energy. At the same the NEKTON-TONICs fortify normal diets with a balanced combination of the particular vitamins required by each species. The importance of a wide variety of mineral elements for the construction of certain tissues and proper bodily functions has also been taken into account and the formulas enriched with an adequate supply.

All these nutritive and active substances together the other components in NEKTON-TONIC ensure that the organism can utilise the health-maintaining, increasing and restoring proper-ties immediately. Complete in nature, these products enable an animal to produce its own enzymes and hormones, which are necessary for the smooth functioning of all body functions.

The result is a complex and sophisticated formula to round off normal pet food diets and therefore prevent deficiency symptoms, regulate processes in the organisms and activate body functions. This makes NEKTON-TONIC particularly valuable during such stress periods as moulting (skin sloughing), re-caging and acclimation, shows, etc., and has proved an excellent help in raising young animals. The TONIC products have the added advantage of being useful as diets as well as supplements. 

NEKTON-TONIC‘s ingredients are immediately absorbed and available to the body. NEKTON-TONIC is an effective aid to preventing vitamin and mineral  deficiencies, regulating physical processes and activating body functions.

NEKTON-TONIC gets pets into top condition and helps support all systems in times of stress. Let NEKTON products help you enjoy your birds better and give them the best living conditions in captivity. 

NEKTON-TONIC is a valuable supplement in four different formulas to suit the individual needs of fruit-eating birds (NEKTONTONIC-F), seed-eaters (NEKTON-TONIC-K), insect-feeding birds (NEKTON-TONIC-I) and nectar/fruit-taking reptiles (NEKTON-TONIC-R). 

Following are some of the most prolific insect-eating birds…

  • Many people consider Grackles and Starlings to be nuisance birds, but they consume enormous quantities of insects… ants, grubs, wasps, and spiders. Thanks to a comment from one of our readers, we can add Sparrows to this list of insect (cicadas to be exact)-eating birds. These three are certainly not beautiful birds, but it’s hard to beat them for organic gardening pest control.
  • Swallows are another huge insect consumer. Definitely beautiful and acrobatic, swallows are organic gardening bug-eating masters.
  • Just by looking at some birds, you would never guess how effective they are as bug eaters. Bluebirds often perch nonchalantly and wait for bugs to come to them, and then snap them up. Flycatchers do the same. Pretty efficient organic gardening pest control.
  • Worms and crawling insects are favorites of ground feeders like Thrashers and the American Robin. These familiar insect-eating birds will stalk your lawn and search under bushes for anything that moves.
  • Nuthatches and Brown Creepers search for bugs on tree trunks. They’re fun to watch as they scurry up and down, and around and around the trunk. Very few bugs escape them. Who knew an organic gardening pest control could be so funny!
  • Even nectar-sipping hummingbirds consume large quantities of spiders. 
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Nekton Tonic I Booster Insect Eating Birds 1000 g (2.2 lb)

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Nekton Tonic I Booster Insect Eating Birds 1000 g (2.2 lb)

Nekton Tonic I Booster Insect Eating Birds 1000 g (2.2 lb)

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